‘Scary Movie 3’ Child Sex Joke Not Funny To Jacko

Peoplenews.com reports that is reportedly to sue the makers of ‘Scary Movie 3’ over their tasteless child sex joke made about him during the film and its trailer. “A lawsuit isn’t as easy as A-B-C,” said legal entertainment eagle Michael O’Connor, who says Jacko may have a tough time in court. “Parodies and comedies have a lot more license. If a film is meant to be humorous and that’s understood, then most likely it will not be considered defamatory.”

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9 thoughts on “‘Scary Movie 3’ Child Sex Joke Not Funny To Jacko

  1. leodude666 says:

    I like Michael…people take advantage of his honesty and kindness. Him along with Madonna and Janet are like the only “sane” celebs when most think it’s the opposite. I don’t think he ever molested any kids, and when he hung his baby over the balcony I mean my dad used to do that, he’s just like us it’s just the media is fascinated with making him look like a scary freak.

  2. Lotus says:

    I think Movie-guy has a point but I don’t think the joke in question is very funny. I think they DESERVE to get sued! If not for insulting MJ then at least for having a bad sense of humor. I don’t understand why this kind of movies get made, well, I DO but I think they could spend the money better!

  3. ballersfantasy says:

    I love Michael Jackson but I have to admit the parody in Scary Movie 3 is some funny *****! Can’t wait to see the whole movie.

  4. ashley says:

    goos they deserved to be sued it was a tasteless joke it was not nice you guys were always picking on MJ calling him wacko Jacko its wan not nice don’t call him wacko jackso, wacko or jackso its Michael Jackson get it right the media always picks on him and now its annoying there kid are even upset about it there should be a poll saying should we stop calling Michael wako jacko trust me a lot of people will say yes cause this man had enough its not nice to get picked on his childhood and teenage years were horrible it was not just a bad childhood it was worse leave the fu**ing man alone now I hate the movie scary movie 3

  5. nicole says:

    yes they do deserved to be sued it was a tasteless joke and I don’t find it funny when i saw the movie the MJ scene part I immediately returned it i hated it not nice im not a big fan but u got to admit he was a genius a legend the king of pop he was a nice guy I don’t believe any of the stories bout him

  6. amber says:

    Screw the press Michael is the best I now hate the movie

  7. sean says:

    You guys always picking on Mike its not cool and there kids having to see it not cool hope they deleted that scene off the movie knowing that the king will sue your ass

  8. madonna says:

    You guys are always taking advantage of Mike I don’t like it I returned the movie when I heard this its not nice to do this to other people esp to Mike back off heck the press Michael is the best

  9. Vanessa M says:

    It’s Jackson not Jacko. Enough with the bs. If that were me I’d be humiliated. I could care less if it’s a movie

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