Scary, Pathetic, Sad… But In The End, Is Human Nature

Contributed by jdominicanny:

Have you ever been hated? Envied? Have you ever felt animosity against you? Jealousy? And in that case, did you ever wonder why? Did you ever thought, “What did I do wrong? Why do you hate me?” And, did you ever find someone who “hates” you when they don’t even know you or have even interacted with you…? Have you ever had a “stranger” hate you because of your success? Hate on what you deserve after such a hard work…?

Well, by now you should have guessed what this is all about. Yes… HATERS. Haters, haters and haters. Whose haters? Well, I think we all know… Britney Spears. You know, I like I think is all right. After a long day of work, if I’m bored and with nothing to do, I come here to check what’s new on my favorite celebrities. You know that feeling? When you go into a site or a board to read something good your FAVORITE celebrity, your artistic idol, is doing and you are so happy about it? The excitement, right?!! But then, when you scroll down the page…. Um… haters. Haters “commenting.” Expressing what in fact is their immature ways of thinking.

These people, with their liberties to say whatever the heck they want, because at the end, is a free country, try to critique and criticize on a certain artist, when at the end, they don’t even know BS. Let’s put it like this, there is a different between CRITIQUE and CRITICISM. If you don’t know, time to get a dictionary. And in order for you to be able to do these, you need to know what you are talking about. In order for you to do these, you need to put YOUR PERSONAL FEELINGS ASIDE about that certain artist or his work.
And that is when so many “critiques” fail.

Nowadays, and let’s concentrate on the music world, there is no such thing as a “CRITIQUE.” Every time an artist hit the market with new material, a bombing of “critics” criticize the work. They never give credit for the work. It might be the best album hitting the market and there is always going to be someone, someone who will try to bring it down. Why would that someone do something like this? Um… He’s basing his criticism in personal taste. Or maybe a hate or envy towards the artist without any reasonable foundation. Hate towards a person he doesn’t even know!!!! Sad but true…

Have you ever wonder why so many “critiques” never want to give credits to Britney or maybe Christina? The good criticism that is out there is overshadowed by the bad. Why? Because the bad criticism is what ends up being published. It’s like, for example, Madonna’s last album. Many critics found this album amusing. Touching. The most personal album recorded by Madonna. But what happens? A few “critics” pop up; trying to bring the album down on his personal views and ideas, and that is what gets published. We know it works like that. We also know, how always the “bad things” people tell us about anything end up being believed faster and easier than the “good things” even when the “bad things” might be just a lie; an idea lacking foundation.

Also, nowadays, everyone is a “critic.” Pathetic… Think about it… Nowadays you find every mediocre “writer” on the internet criticizing someone’s work. And the sad thing is that bigger sites give these people credits of “critics.” How many times have you read articles from people criticizing Britney or Christina or any other, and wondered, WHO THE HELL IS THAT? You know? Who’s this person trying to criticize someone who’s working hard??!

Another problem nowadays, is how “critics” keep mixing in their feelings and idea when they are talking about an artist’s work. This is something that keeps happening over and over and over again. You are not a critic if your personal feelings and ideas mix in with your critique, or if your ideas against an artist mix in. Back to college, papa. Like mentioned before, that is not a critique.

How many times have you read someone trying to sink an artist down based on his ideas? That is something that happens a lot with Britney and Christina. These people cannot critique on their work without talking about “their slutty ways, their nakedness, their dancing, their hair, and their relationships.” What is that all about???? Can’t you talk about an artist’s work without mixing in their life and the way they act??? Or your closed-minded views about their ways of personal expression??? And to Christina’s fans, you know this happens a lot with Christina. Look at her last album and how it was shadowed by the talks of her being naked.

Another thing, just because people are adults and might have a degree, that do not make them mature. How many people don’t hate on Britney and Christina when they don’t even know them? And these people, if they have the means to express themselves as writers on a newspaper, will voice their immature thoughts.

Like it happens here…

Like mentioned b4, this article is about Britney and the haters here in pop dirt. One of the first thing that comes to my head is, why, every time you talk about Britney, (I know this also happens with some Christina’s haters), you have to come out and curse her? Call her names? The funny thing is that these haters love Britney so much, that they take their personal time to talk about her. They try to talk about Britney’s music based on their
hate towards Britney because of the fact that Britney is on top. You know it’s true. It’s human nature. You will always envy those on top. You will hate those who are on top because you envy them or because you want someone you like to be on top. Envy at the end, too. And don’t tell me. “I DON’T EVEN KNOW HER. WHY SHOULD I ENVY HER??!” But then again, you don’t even know her. Why do you hate her?

You, Britney’s haters, try to come here talking about her music and her. You write articles talking about her music while you are basing it on your personal, ill, views on Britney. A person YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW!!!!! Have you realized the time you waste hating someone you haven’t even seen in your life? Why??? Why does human nature work this way? I haven’t seen haters here who while they try to criticize Britney’s music, stop expressing their hate-feelings.

Now, all these Britney’s haters are talking about MATM being a flop, when they know they are wrong. How can you say the single is a failure when it debut at #50 in the billboard as HOT-SHOT-DEBUT, and is already 43 when the single has even been put out for purchase? The single is already #15 on the billboard Top-40. It’s going up fast in several charts. The CHR/POP is already #13 in the 2 weeks it was released. And it’s the number one single in dozens of radio station all over the country? How is that a flop when the single has been called the greatest released of the year???

Also, how can you call a flop an album that has not yet been released? IN THE ZONE hasn’t been released and you call it a flop? The album, whether you like it or not, is the most anticipated of the year. In a couple of days, sales in Amazon when from a spot in the hundreds, to a spot on the 30’s. Does that sound like flop to you?

Now, when it comes to Britney herself, you need to check what you say. That Britney has no talent? Sorry, but I have to disagree. It’s true. Britney does not have the strongest voice, but she can sing. And I most definitely prefer to listen to her voice than to those of many artists out here who try to show off. ;)

Another thing is, so many of you trying to say Britney cannot dance!! BY THE GODS!!! IS YOUR HATE SO MUCH??? Can, I see you dance 30 seconds like Britney? 30 seconds is all I ask for. Another thing, what happened to the fact that dancing is actually a talent. A real dancer is hard to come by. Everyone might try to make a move but someone with style and rhythm is hard to find. There is talent. Dancing is talent. A talent Britney posses like no other out there at this moment.

Another thing, really few people can put on a show like Britney can. Really few people, with just a few years of being on the business can put on a show like Britney did on her last tour. Such a performance is called TALENT.

I went to her concert and I was shocked. An experience I will never forget. I went to Christina concert, the one now, it was never the same. It will never be the same. Even my friends, those who went to the Britney’s concert with me and who are real Christina’s fans said it. “CHRISTINA CONCERT CANNOT BE COMPARED TO BRITNEY’S. BRITNEY WINS.”

Also, nobody wants to give Britney credit as the wonderful performer she is. They want to push her down by talking bs about her voice. Not every singer out there hit high notes and no one seems to talk about those. And why don’t we get on Christina’s weak side? Her poor dancing? Because trust me, Christina has no talent when it comes to dancing.

Now, let me make one thing clear, Christina is a singer. Britney is a performer. A whole package. Britney can dance, sing, and much more. She’s an entertainer. Not just a singer. And at the end, who are the one who last???? Those who can sing or those who can put on a show and perform and entertain? At the end, that is what most people want from the music business. Entertainment.

Look at Michael, Madonna, Janet, and Prince? Performers. Entertainers. Look at Whitney, Mariah, Sarah, and other singers. Who are the ICONS? The mentioned first or the latter?
Who survive in the long run? Those “big” singers or the real entertainers?

But anyway, like mentioned before, this is a long “essay” and there is so much more that I wish to say but not now. I should say it later on when someone replies to this. At the end, haters are going to hate, and I know that you will come here and post negative comments. If you read it of course, because some of you won’t dare to.

Just keep in mind one thing, Wendy’s will never be Burger King, as Burger King will never be McDonald’s as McDonald’s will never be considered a real restaurant, as Pepsi will never be coca-cola. Just as so, Christina will never be BRITNEY. Yes, they are different and Britney cannot be Christina neither. They are different. But Christina will never be BRITNEY. Christina will never read the status known as BRITNEY. And it will be a long time before someone else reaches the BRITNEY-STATUS. ;)

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10 thoughts on “Scary, Pathetic, Sad… But In The End, Is Human Nature

  1. Madfan says:

    The weirdest post ever: like Mariah Carey’s sick postings before the breakdown…

  2. kitten says:

    I’m really sick of all these “Britney lovers” posting crap about how everyone is hating on their “idol”…if you have a problem w/people dissing Britney because she’s a little puppet who can barely sing, then either don’t pay attention to the haters or stay off popdirt and go to!

    No.. I think its you who needs the help!!! You are here saying all the crap that all the little Britney lovers have been saying…have you or any of the “others” noticed that people are still dissing on her…and hating her just as much as they were before…if not more??? so just give it up…no one’s gonna stop dissing her, just because you say we should.

  3. blondeambiti0n says:

    Thank you jdominicanny…you took the words right out of my mouth. And look, the haters STILL rolled right on in. All these haters are in denial, bad. They knows it’s true. I can’t say that I haven’t said some unkind things about Ms.Aguilera, but I at least I respect her for the talent she possesses and the success she has made for herself. This is more than I can say for the Britney haters though. They don’t take anything into consideration. They’re close-minded on the entire subject. No one said they had to like Britney Spears, but she’s human just like everyone else and she deserves respect for all that she has accomplished and all that she’s endured. It’s only fair. It’s about decency people.

  4. missxtina24 says:

    blah, blah you bimbo Britney fans need to except that people just don’t like Britney she sucks get used to it Christina rocks I will always love Christina and support everything she does Britney can go lip-sing off a damn stage somewhere she’s just not my damn style.

  5. BabyBlue2578 says:

    You people are pathetic. And honey, you’ve got way too much time on your hands because that was entirely too long. I didn’t even bother to read it. But I GUARANTEE you that Britney couldn’t give a damn about the fact that anyone hates on her. She has all the money and status she could ever want. And in the same respect, she could care less that you’re defending her. If she read this (given the premise that she can read), you would get nothing more than “Oh, that’s so sweet” and a fake ass smile. And I just read the last paragraph… are you saying that Britney is McDonald’s? With a name and no substantial merit? Because then I agree. Only kids eat McDonald’s because once you grow up, you realize you’re eating crap.

  6. stripped_ says:

    You criticize critiques like you are a real critic (in your own definition) at the beginning.. seeming so just and speaking up for artists (seemingly) unfairly treated . . but in the end you contradict yourself by being so emotional and siding Britney with all that that’s dumb.. how can you even justify the validity and fairness of the statement “Christina’s concert cannot be compared to Britney. Britney wins”.. aren’t you obviously also involving way too much personal emotions and individual opinions?..this line just totally contradicts with what you’ve criticized about “Mediocre writers”.

  7. MariahsMan says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Madfan is a closet Mariah fan. You talk about her more than her own fans do. And who are you to say this post is the weirdest ever? You always feel the need to share your BIAS opinions on everyone…so why can’t this person?

  8. jazzprofounder says:

    Okay…that was a little too long but anyways… For all you people that are irked and sensitive about these negative opinions on, you should all be used to it by now and realize this: is NOT meant to be a “WE ARE THE WORLD” community, it’s not even primarily based on giving real keen and proven information about a celebrity. This site is a comment/opinion forum. You will get the best of both worlds through all people that come on here. Everybody has every right to state an opinion, whether its wrong or right. If every single person in here agreed that they loved Britney and every single celebrity on here, where would the mind speak out with an inner voice? If everybody agreed, we wouldn’t be having all these “essays” and “speeches”, which I have to say are pretty good because they represent ONE person speaking out with his/her own voice. This is the way popdirt was meant to be, and if you don’t like it you might as well just get used to it. Nobody is pointing a gun at your head to make you listen to “haters”, just ignore, its as simple as that.

  9. GymnastDude182 says:

    I love Britney, but how the hell did you find time to write this whole thing…second…why would you want to, why don’t you just over look the haters, obviously you don’t care what they say anyways, and they are never going to stop, so just don’t read the haters comments

  10. jt says:

    You’re retarded for comparing Britney to Madonna or Prince. Please do not go there!

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