Scrutiny Over Ke$ha’s Lack Of Originality Continues

has been taking heat in recent days for being a bit too influenced by Uffie or the relatively unknown Chrissy Snow on her breakout hit ‘Tik Tok’, not to mention that song having a beat sounding suspiciously lifted from Kylie Minogue’s ‘Love at First Sight’ which is demonstrated by the mash-up below. Kegan Zema of The Maine Campus weighed in on the former ‘Simple Life’ roomie of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, writing:

is unoriginal and mind-numbing. Her songs appeal to the lowest common denominator and are spoon-fed to the masses. Everything about her — appearance, musical style, demeanor — is a rip-off from some other artist.

The worst part however, is that her hit single ‘Tik Tok’ is a blatant, copyright-infringing knock-off of a song written two years ago by the truly unique artists Uffie and Justice.

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4 thoughts on “Scrutiny Over Ke$ha’s Lack Of Originality Continues

  1. Natalie says:

    holy s***! this is BLATANT copying! I had heard the beginning of both songs that sorta sounded alike but when you listen to the whole thing WOW what a rip off

  2. Jamie says:

    yep actually was taken from the artist known as just “Chrissy” who did My Slushy all the way back in 2006 which was a jingle for children’s products which she did with LFO of Summer Girls fame. She is actual singer not a rapper. Fan case clearly knew that people she worked with were friends with Kesha’s producer screwed her over. It is copyright infringement. Rob Baker of Ifinity media has written a blog about it

    Uffie and Justice came later on but yes they were all screwed and it sucks and must stop. Chrissy predates that though – was a successful child star actually and had some success overseas as a kid. Also aside from side swiping the two other girls the beat was taken from Kylie Minogue’s Love at First Sight. hope this helps. Time for the in justice to stop. Chrissy, Kylie, Uffie deserve some credit as well as the DJ Sevan-O who is a friend of the aforementioned artist that they also stole the bassline from. The Kesha producer is involved in other copyright law suits. Kesha is not the first even. Why does the label keep on working with him is what I find hard to understand? Guess it’s that good old money.
    anyhow here the side by side comparison which prob doesn’t even matter because we know they were working with the same people.:

  3. jason says:

    haha Kesha is retarded..she needs a shower..and whats even more retarded is how her management thought they could get away with ripping of Chrissy’s material and NOBODY NOTICING..

  4. valerie steele says:

    So I have said it once and twice… but I will say it again and again…….

    I just have to say that I am personally a friend of Chrissy’s and I know for a fact that Ke$ha is a fake. Thank you so much for bringing this to the attention of others. I cannot believe that she stole the sound, the concept, beat…. (I could go on for days.) I don’t know if any of you know this but Joey Fatone had “My Slushy ” on his personal Myspace page for 2 years straight. Chrissy has a huge following. I run into people all the time who talk about her, and I had no clue they knew who she was but they do because she has touched so many people. Also, as a fellow performer, I think it is classless and tacky to steal from someone else just to make yourself look good. As lovely as Chrissy’s music is, I would never ever try to steal it to make my own self good because it is just that…..HER MUSIC. Funny and ironically enough, Ke$ha did this to make herself look good, but now all she looks like is a fool and a major plagiarist. We need to fight for Chrissy and the other artists that have been stolen from! I will do anything to help!

    ON a side note: I watched Ke$ha on American Idol Wed night, and needless to say, it was a train wreck. The girl has no rhythm, and she is no stealing the style of another AMAZING artist…LADY GAGA… what was with the makeup and the crazy outfit??? we all know GAGA is one of the only people recently to do this. Not only did her dancing disgust me, but she would into be able to write good lyrics if her life depended on it. No wonder she steals from other artists… the Lyrics from “Blah Blah Blah” are RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!

    Just my opinion…

    Valerie Steele

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