Selena Gomez Aggravated By Her Lack Of Privacy

Selena Gomez, currently starring in ‘Monte Carlo’, was on the phone with the syndicated radio morning show “Johnjay and Rich” on Tuesday (July 5) to play her new single and talk about the movie and her latest album ‘When the Sun Goes Down’. During the interview, the topic turned to the recent picture of Selena and boyfriend where Justin is seen massaging Selena’s foot.

“That was someone who took a picture and it got online somehow,” Gomez said. “It’s very aggravating. Not just about that, but about pictures in general. I mean I can be out to eat and now everyone has camera phones and everything and people are taking pictures of you when you’re eating and it’s just like you always have to be aware, and it’s very annoying because you have to look around and be paranoid in a way and I don’t want to live my life like that.”

As for how she addresses rumors – or not – Selena said, “A rumor is a rumor and it will be gone in a week and it won’t even matter. It makes it worse if you sit there and acknowledge it and dwell on it. Then it becomes a topic of discussion and it’s just really annoying.”

The interview audio at has since been removed.

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