Selena Gomez Hosts Documentary On Puerto Rico’s Stray Dog Epidemic

Selena Gomez, wearing hoop earrings, with a dog in Puerto Rico on a windy day at the beach

hosted a documentary creating awareness for the the stray dog epidemic on the island of Puerto Rico for The ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ star worked with to help vaccinate some of the 200,000 stray dogs on the beaches of Puerto Rico.

“Dogs should not be treated like dirt. Most of these dogs will die of illness, starvation or abuse. We’re not saying people are horrible, it’s just a tough decision either way and the dogs lose. Let’s get these dogs adopted to a safe home and just out of this place,” the 16-year-old says in the video posted on her YouTube channel.

Selena Gomez in Puerto Rico, talking about the stray dogs on the beaches of Puerto Rico“It’s a tough decision in the fact that you can either take your dog to a shelter and let it get euthanized, which is 98% of all dogs, or bring them to this beach, where they might have a machete to them for goodness sakes,” Gomez said about the options for dog owners.

Watch it below.

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