Selena Gomez ‘Kiss & Tell’ Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

Selena Gomez in a t-shirt.Episode five of Selena Gomez’s MySpace web series ‘Under Pressure’ features the 17-year-old doing a photo shoot for her debut album ‘Kiss & Tell’.

“I was definitely nervous because I wanted it to be very colorful and bright,” Gomez says introducing the footage. “I have Karen, who does my makeup, Vosha, who is my stylist, and John, who does my hair. I love them so much and I keep them everywhere I go. They’re very sweet, and they just have a great energy. Karen actually came up with my album cover. I fell in love with the idea. It was very Harajuku and fun and fashiony, if that’s a word, and I loved it.”

Watch it below.

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