Selena Gomez Performs ‘She’s A Lady’ With Forever The Sickest Kids

Selena Gomez with Forever The Sickest Kids got the chance to meet Forever The Sickest Kids over the weekend, and the Disney teen posted video of her time with Austin Bello, Kyle Burns, Jonathan Cook, Kent Garrison, Marc Stewart, and Caleb Turman.

Gomez also joined the group in a performance of ‘She’s A Lady’ after doing some camera adjustments.

Watch the video via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Selena Gomez Performs ‘She’s A Lady’ With Forever The Sickest Kids

  1. Kelvin Zero says:

    Wow, harmony singing hotness! She can probably do anything she wants. She could cover Shoes – and make a fortune for her record company. Or she could drop these emo poseurs and join a real rock band whose influences go beyond New Found Glory and Fall Out Boy. Selena, you have an open invitation to sing with the world’s first power pop porn band, Utility Stunt Cock. Disney would choke on that move like an anti-Linda Lovelace.

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