Selena Gomez Returns Fans’ SayNow Messages

Selena Gomez gets on the phone with fans videotaped herself phoning fans who called her on her SayNow account. The ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ star thanked everyone she called for being a fan of her and the show, prompting screams from the young girls on the other end of the line.

“Today I will be calling some of my fans back from my SayNow number, and I’m really excited. I also want to apologize because I called some people back and I think it got disconnected and it’s really hard to find the person that got disconnected. I want to say sorry to Allison, to Nicole and to Nick. But I’m really excited because this is my first time calling a bunch of people back. I’ll be doing it for an hour, so I’m excited. These people are the reason I’m here. So thank you, thank you, thank you so much.”

After being told by one of the people Selena called that she was the best on ‘Wizards’, Selena said, “Well thanks. I have a lot of fun doing the show and we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you guys who watch the show, so thank you.”

Watch the clip via YouTube below.

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73 thoughts on “Selena Gomez Returns Fans’ SayNow Messages

  1. Flüge says:

    She’s a smart girl which becomes more an more popular in the USA. I hope she keeps the right thinking. It were a bummer if she would be like all other stars which had the money…Facile,boneheaded and ignorant.

  2. laura mcneely says:

    hey Selena ur so cool I love you I love your show and I wish I could meet you.i would like it if you called me please at [removed by admin]. my name is Laura S Mcneely you are the only person I look up too besides mom dad papa granny. You sing awesome!!!!!!!!!!! but I’m a huge loser so the only thing want in my life right now is to talk to you . bye,laura

  3. justina says:

    hi Selena I think you are ass

  4. justina says:

    Selena I never said that you are a ass I left my little cousin with the pc and he wrote that because do not like you but I like you you are the best actress in the world and am not lying I love you very very much you are so cool

  5. Ajla (I-Luh) says:

    Selena your like the best.
    Your not like some of the other popstars
    that make these big mistakes by posting bad pictures
    your just amazing. Everything about you is just awesome.
    I called you today but you didn’t pick up yet I’m guessing you were busy. Your my inspiration and my idol and my role model and my everything. You probably heard that a lot from a lot of other fans but I really mean it from my heart and my soul. Your just awesometastic. I could make up a new word of how awesome you are. Probably like awesomelisioustasticgreat. Lol, ilu.:)

  6. Taylah says:

    you’re so AWESOME!! Selena Gomez!!!!!!
    i LOVE your show and every think you do…your so AMAZING!!!….
    Have you got a Email?
    PLEASE….add me:)

  7. Mary says:

    i wish I was a star

  8. vanessa says:

    oh my gosh! your so awesome I love you so much and please I am begging you call me

  9. Jaycob Dhillon says:

    i love you so much what’s your number

  10. cleo says:

    hi Selena you are so cool,so beautiful and so cute. I love you very very much you are the best celebrity and I love your show and your songs and I love all about you please if you like to call me and to talk with me sand me a message here and I will take you my e-mail and my mobile phone.bye bye :):):):):)

  11. mariah says:

    hi Selena I’m Mariah Galea you’re show is great and you’re my best fan ever I love you so much xxxxxxx can you please call me on my mobile

  12. alex says:

    are you allowed to call me I would be deleted please I really have been waiting to talk to you I love your shows a lot well I love you

  13. alex says:

    Sorry this is Alex again can you try to call me after three today thank you

  14. mariah says:

    hi Selena can you please call me on my mobile

  15. mariah says:

    what’s your number??????????

  16. mariah says:

    hi Selena I’m Mariah again can you please call this number its my number and I can’t wait to talk to you

  17. Jaycob Dhillon says:

    I love you you are awesome you are the best singer ever and you always will be call me. Jaycob

  18. Jessica says:

    Dear Selena
    can you please call me

  19. Jocelyn says:

    hi Selena where is going to be kid award because tonight I live in apartment 30 my name is Jocelyn

  20. Jocelyn says:

    because today I am going call me

  21. liam says:


  22. Mariah says:

    Hey Selena! I just wanted to tell you I’m your biggest fan! I love your music and I love your acting.. I really love wizards too! if I have a bad day and come home and watch your show.. I instantly am happy! do you think you’d be able to call me? it would be the best thing that ever happened to me! I love ya!
    ps: ill try not to scream if you call! haha

  23. Alejandro Garcia says:

    selena can I fu** you?

  24. Mariah says:

    what’s wrong with you Alejandro? respect Selena! she is a great person that I’m sure doesn’t like the comments people like you put up. seriously… learn how to respect people.

  25. Alejandro Garcia says:

    I’m sorry Selena, my brother typed that while I was in the bathroom. he’s only 6 yrs old and I don’t know where he learned bad words from so again I apologize and you are the best.(btw: I can’t wait to see your new movie ramona and beezuz!)

  26. liam says:




  27. Mariah says:

    hey Selena! your amazing! I can’t wait to see Romona and Beezus! you are my favorite actress. can you call me? thanks!

  28. Ana says:

    Hello Selena, I’m a big fan of you. I like your songs very much. I would like to be a singer too…

  29. beatriz says:

    god Selena you are the best I love you I have 190 pics of you I am your number 1 fan I love your shows and music video I sing them all the time I love you bye

    love beatriz

  30. beatriz says:

    ramona and beezus if you can call me back

    love beatriz

  31. liam says:



  32. naomi says:

    Selena if you read this please pay close attention. I naomi am your biggest fan. Please don’t change the way you dress or sing in music videos. Your the only star left that I like and look up to. Please don’t let me down. I’ll have no one left to look up to.

  33. naomi says:

    hey Selena I know I sent a message already but I want you to no that I love just kinda how your tom boyish in the show wizards I love you call back please I wont scream either well too much any way.

  34. diala says:

    hi Selena 10x for accepting me on your Facebook I like you and I wish if I can talk to you because I am your biggest fan
    i like your hair and your style ??? xoxoxo

  35. darine says:

    Hi Selena my name is Darine Sadek I am 13 years old, I am from Lebanon, I am Diala’s sister I think you now her we are your biggest fans . My true which is to talk to you . You are a great singer we love all your songs you are awesome!! we love you
    my number is [removed] please call me back (facebook) ; Darine Sadek . love you and 10xx xoxoxox .

  36. ranim says:

    hi Selena my name ‘s Ranim Fallah and I am 13 years old , I am from Lebanon , I watch you all the time on Disney channel you are a great singer and a lovely actor I have all your songs you rock love yaa , I wish if a singer like you accept me on Facebook and please if you can call me like all your best fans. my number is [removed] please call me if you can and 10x love you love you xoxoxo

  37. darine says:

    Hi Selena my name is Darine Sadek , I am 13 years old , I am from Lebanon , I am Diala’s sister I think you now her . We are your biggest fans . we love you so much you are a great singer I like all your songs you rock , you are awesome!! my true which is too talk to you . my number is : [removed] (facebook ) Darine Sadek we want you in Lebanon . please please call me back love ya and 10xx xoxoxoxo don’t forget us

  38. zeinab says:

    OMGGG !! :O
    WAAAWW !! XD
    you’re so beautiful, cool, so I admire: D your like me too: P
    um omg I do not know what to say: Oh I love you very much and I watch all your shows and your emissions and your music omg waw I would really like to talk to you = (but I don’t knows how to do: (aight So call me : D
    I love you bye bye
    (L) (L) (L) (K) (k) (k)

  39. zeinab says:

    sorry I forget to tell you that:
    : D SEXY: D XD
    and call me :D please

  40. diala says:

    hi Selena I love you so math I m the sister of Darine I love all your songs . your my idol my which is talk with you but this is not problem

  41. Allaine says:

    Hey Selena …..I love you and your singing/acting I think you r the most beautiful girl on earth…. good luck with your career
    Allaine xxx

  42. alisha says:

    hi Selena you are awesome I love you your show awesome I’m your biggest fan love you :)

  43. Selena Gomez says:

    thank you for all of these amazing and sweet Comments your all very sweet thank you bye.

    Love Selena Gomez XOXOXO
    P.S. This is the real Selena Gomez I promise bye! See you all soon bye and thank you bye.

  44. JASPREET KAUR says:

    Hey you and Miley are awesome man please send me a message on my profile send your phone number please

  45. lily says:

    hey I am your best friend on what I have herd I love how you sing and how you dress in all of the newest fashion.
    I have all of the clothes that look like all of what you were I am 10 years old and I have seen all of the moves that you have been in I love you also I have been trying to get to you and say this I am prob. your number one fan I have been on the enter net for three days straight trying to find out about you and everything about you I hope you and only you get to see this comment I wish I could see you in person that would be so cool I wish you could sine my book about you love LILY

  46. Abby says:

    My name is abby I am 14 in March,
    I am your biggest fan ever please email me:)<3xxx

  47. Abby says:

    I watch Wizards of Waverly Place all the time it’s the best show ever and you are the prettiest girl/actress/singer on the planet…please email me<3 xxxxxx

  48. Dean says:

    hello if this is the real Selena Gomez I’m a big fan of yours I love your shows you are like the best actor ever and the cutest all my friends like you and all the people in I say now that your called back id say there the lucky ones

  49. Dean says:

    and I think you have the best ever voice

  50. amanpreet says:

    hi Selena Gomez am your biggest fan and I watch your show on family and I use to watch on barney when I little and I want your autograph on poster and I what a tour book all about you and I what a t shirt and is large size
    I love you Selena Gomez

  51. leedia says:

    hi Selena I love your shows and I just watched you v.r. Miley Cyrus I hope you call me and I hope you call me and I’m sorry I am leedia

  52. leedia says:

    hello are you there Selena????????????????????

  53. nadia and shabana says:

    hey Selena we are your biggest fan and we really love you
    and we wanna go to one of your concerts and get your autograph
    we would also really like to go back stage with you

    so if you can email me

    oh yeah what is your email address

  54. nadia and shabana says:

    oh can you also call me
    if you email me I will give you my phone number


  55. kavina says:

    hi I love you. you’re my biggest fan . I love your songs and shows . bye I love you.

  56. kavina says:

    hi I love you. please email me and I gonna give my phone number.please

  57. daysya says:

    Selena you think you are all the just because your dating Justin let me tell you something your songs suck and your acting is crappy plus I hope you die I hope your family get shot or hurt heck I don’t care if they get ran over by a bus I hate you show much find some other guy you dumb crappy little tramp and your outfits are crappy go stop acting like a little bimbo which you are loob god I hate you

  58. daysya says:

    ok look I am sorry ok look but Selena look I am just mad ok I really really love jb Justin Bieber you know like ever since he cut is hair he didn’t seem like is self like I am so sorry you know how friends are I just want the old Justin Bieber back I am so sorry really my name is daysya uzoma

  59. bethany says:

    hey Selena I love you I want to be like you when I’m older I’m English I love singing and acting but I don’t have enough confidence but my friends say I can sing and say I’m pretty I think its just to boost my confidence. I love your song a year without rain I love Wizards of Waverly Place. I have always wanted to go to America with my friend because she says we could go and try and be singers or I be a singer and she be an actor and I want to be a singer and an actor just like u. you are the first person I have ever wanted to be like. You are really pretty I’m jealous. if this is the real Selena please please please email me back. E.G. sorry if I spelled some things wrong I can’t spell very well. love ya x

  60. bethany says:

    oh and if you email me I will give you my number and please ring me I promise I wont scream or cry xx :D love you x

  61. Isabella says:

    I LOVE you and your show and I might faint if I get to meet you or you call me! Your show is the best! I get very scared at the KCAs. You are very pretty and an awesome actress! Hope you have a great day!love Isabella

  62. bethany says:

    hello x

  63. theodoros sitziris says:

    hi Selena Gomez.
    i am your big fan and idol.
    i love to communicate with you.
    my daughter is 18 years old.
    she always talks about you.
    she loves your show and songs
    mira sitziris. I am Theodoros Sitziris. I am a very nice
    person. not a stalker. we respect celebrities. ts. love and kisses.

  64. kenza says:

    Justin Bieber I love you

  65. Zornica Colova says:

    hi Selly
    You are my IDOL
    I am your very very big fan
    I am 12 years
    Call me
    Love you

    You are so beautiful, pretty, cute and sweety girl
    I sometimes cry because I very love you
    Call me very much please
    I watch Wizards of Waverly Place every day
    Call me
    You are perfect star with Demi Lovato
    Call me

  66. Zornica Colova says:

    I from Bulgaria/Plovdiv. I am 12 old. I and my sister Iva, we are watch you and we are your very big fans. We with you talked on Skype and you sang your song NATURALLY. It was VERY beautiful! Very please-CALL ME

  67. beth wade says:

    Hey Selena, I love all your songs and you have got a good voice and also am your biggest fan please ring me on my mobile I will be so happy

  68. Maheen says:

    Hey Selena Gomez I can’t believe I am messaging you I am trying not to cry. I just wanted to say Thank you Selena I love and thank you for putting on great show’s that me and my family could enjoy. I think all I need to do to make my dreams come true is that to follow your songs your voice is the key to unlocking my dreams.

  69. Maheen says:

    love you Selena i wanna be a singer but i am only 12 but still i can try my best but I will get you interviewed one day just you wait

  70. jordann says:

    im your fan :D

  71. jordann says:


  72. Rawangirl says:

    I looooooove you Selena Gomez more then ANYTHING….YOU ARE THE BEST SINGER AND ACTER!!!!!! Ur voice is sooooo amazing!! I looooove ur songs!!!!!! I HATE HATE ur haters!!! I wish you would be my SISTER!!!!! I can’t stop dreaming about you and I can’t stop thinking about you!!! Ur sooooooooo GORGEOUS !! Ur the most prettiest girl in the whole world!!!! I swear to god that I’m ur 1st biggest fan!!! and I’ll cry for you!! I’ll do everything for you!!! I always sing ur songs an see ur amazing pics!! I just really loooove you!!!!! Ur everything to me!!!?!?!? I just CAN’T stop!! I’m your 1st biggest fan!! And I hope you like what I said!……. I’m 10 yrs old and I’m a girl

  73. jakiln says:

    Omg I love selena I hope u can call me please love you, you are my life :)

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