Selena Gomez Twitters From The ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place’ Set

Selena Gomez with David Henrie

checked in with fans from the set of ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ on her Twitter (@selenagomez), where the 16-year-old sipped on iced tea and struck a pose with her co-star David Henrie. Gomez writes:

Wizards, meetings then studio.. Last night we bought the squirrels pizza. Getting closer to the record release!! Yall ready?

Photo shoot with a couple of wizards and Harper..

Oh no….. We’re back. David rockin his new hair. You like?

One more from today at the shoot… Ever since Ash was in town I have been drinking iced tea like crazy.. Rem …

Selena Gomez with an ice tea

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57 thoughts on “Selena Gomez Twitters From The ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place’ Set

  1. Eric says:

    Hey I love iced tea sounds great

  2. Devin says:

    I love you Selena. I love Ice tea

  3. hank says:

    she’s looking pretty good. Selena Gomez doesn’t post many twitter updates anymore, esp pictures :(

  4. shelby says:

    Hey, Selena’s so COOL!

  5. sidra says:

    ha both are cutie pies and David and Selena are sexy :) :P

  6. hafsa says:

    hmm beautiful mmmuaaah!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Michelle says:

    The Ice Tea picture is great! :)

  8. Dinda Baithania says:

    Great picture Jelena! I love it!

  9. Carlaaa says:

    i Love your hair, my hair is as short as yours, and my sister is always trying to make my hair match yours. . .lol

  10. Christi says:

    I Love You Selena Gomez…

  11. Alex says:

    Selena you rocks you are very cute & very smart and lovely you are very stylish also

    i love your style

  12. BREANNA says:


  13. kim says:

    hi Selena I am a big fan you are my role model I try to loo like you me and you have so much in common

  14. ruby says:

    hey Selena I love you loads and you are the only person I look up to because you are a perfect role model 4 me I love you also my room is plastered with posters of you

    love you loads ruby xxx

  15. andrea says:

    I’m a big fan I’m am 6 years old

  16. cassi says:


  17. Miss-SweetSour2 says:

    Hey how are you???
    Why aren’t you coming online anymore on: GSM?
    Mail me again when you come online we all are missing you 2 much!!

  18. Roxy says:

    aw you are so beautiful <3<3<3<3<3

  19. chris says:

    hey Selena Gomez I love you and your music and looking to see you in real life^.^ got
    feelings for you

  20. natalia says:

    Selena I love your songs your hair and wardrobe!!!!!!!!!

  21. Vaal Jonas Cyrus Lovato Gomez says:

    I Love This Picture Is Awesome I love Selena Gomez ?

  22. sam says:

    Hi Selly I LOVE YOU

  23. aLex.. says:

    I love you..!!

  24. dano says:

    Selena I love you very much

  25. dano says:

    you are my only

  26. kierianna says:

    hey you are really cool and I love your films xxxx

  27. kierianna says:

    and I would love to see you one day and can you do more songs I love naturally it is the best and it take away my breath you are the thunder and I am the lighting

  28. zorienel martinez says:

    I’m your biggest fan I live in fl cape coral 15 street I love your music god bless you I’m 9 years old I hoe your ok call me if you can if you do I will be so happy . pleas call me but call me wen you can and at the time is 2:30 pleas I’m so fair away I need to ask so many questions I wanna be fans so much I never went to your concert before bye good luck :):)

  29. lauren armstrong says:

    i love you v =

  30. Norzin Netron says:

    OMG !! Justin is looking so hot ….. <3 him ,,….. ^_^ biggest fan !! You are the best and you rock …..

  31. Natasha says:

    Hey Selena! I love you! You are so pretty and I wish I were that pretty! My hair is REALLY long and I’m getting it cut as short as you and I’m donating it to Locks-of-Love! I wish I could dress as cool as you and be as funny and awesome of you! Love ya! Please reply!

  32. shubham says:

    I love you
    you love me or not

  33. loveleen says:

    she is the hottest and sexiest girl I have ever seen
    and most of all she does not want to click images like that fu**er and sucker Miley

  34. isiah dunn says:

    hey Selena my name is Isaiah I’m a big fan, I think you are so pretty and I like your music, all my friends think I’m dumb cause I like you and your music but I don’t care I’m still gonna keep on liking it lol, and I always write songs and rap and I just wanna know if you have any tips for me..please email me back it would mean the world and keep on making good music.(:

  35. Jessie says:

    David is possibly the hottest guy in the planet <3
    They make the cutest couple ever!!!

  36. vannilaneela says:

    Hey, Selena I love your songs. Your songs is so alive love you!

  37. vannilaneela says:

    I love you Selena Gomez I love much I even hate Miley the ugly anyway lovely photo

  38. Aung says:

    Selena,You are so cute. It made me wonder that you are really Prometheus’ masterpiece

  39. josi says:

    you look awesome in that picture.

  40. serene says:

    hi Selena really I love you so much you’re the best and you are beautiful and my cousin Mira love you so much

  41. Devin says:

    wow, look at me I can drink a pop.

  42. aaliyah says:

    hi David I love you and Selena is very pretty

  43. aaliyah says:

    love you david

  44. ane says:

    hi… you are the best… love you lots… ^_^

  45. sam says:

    i love you Selena Gomez so much

  46. sam says:

    Selena I love your music

  47. sam says:

    Selena I need your email ok please

  48. BFF says:

    Hi. Selena I love you you so cute and my twin sister said your so beautiful and famous I’m only 11 years old so bye love you

  49. ömer says:

    ? love you sexy Selena .d :P

  50. Rehman_ali says:

    Selena I am big big fen of you and JB your pictures are awesome. I like you Very much

  51. treesa says:

    I love you.

  52. kill joy says:

    you are really pretty Selena don’t go Gaga or Miley on me okay

  53. Eleeze Myra says:

    you’re pretty!!!i like u!!!<3

  54. Stefany says:

    A lovy selena e devd reue

  55. selena says:

    thanksssss from everythinkk my fansss ?

  56. Selena Biggest Fan says:

    Selena I’m Your Biggest Fan You’re Truly Amazing You’re Really Beautiful
    And Kind I Love ,You Love You Like A Love Song If I Don’t See You A Day It’s Like A Year Without Rain….. Many Thanks And Support From:Your Biggest Fan Follow Your Dreams And Never Give Up On Who You Are >3 <3 <3 <3

  57. Deocleciano says:

    friend :)
    love dream sempre :(

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