Selena Gomez’s Best Friend Is Jennifer Stone… Not Demi Lovato?

Twist was invited to Selena Gomez & The Scene’s ‘Kiss & Tell’ album release party at Siren Studios in LA. Because of the album title, the magazine asked the celebrity attendees, including Selena, when she kisses someone, who does she tell? “I probably would tell Jennifer Stone,” the 17-year-old responded, “because she’s like my best friend.” That shocked some people who wondered if is no longer the ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ star’s BFF. Watch the brief comment below.

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17 thoughts on “Selena Gomez’s Best Friend Is Jennifer Stone… Not Demi Lovato?

  1. anisa says:

    i hope that’s not true!!

  2. randy says:

    yeah at least according to their twittter accounts, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez aren’t as close as they had been

  3. theyshouldnotbefrenemies says:

    they should realize that they’ve been friends for like ten years and then they let Hollywood broke them apart?!
    thats ridiculious, I mean really..
    i think that someone should probably have them watch behind the scenes of ppp and the videos they made together, so they will realize how important each other is,
    i hope its just a temporary fight…..
    i hope they would soon realize how important their friendship….
    and that’s all :]
    live green.act green.friendship

  4. Kaka says:

    Demi Lovato been haning out with the Mily Virus

  5. Ann Nonymous says:

    lol! “the Miley Virus”

  6. Gossip luver says:

    This is just reallii fustrating!!! Selena and Demi’s friendship is realli important!!! All this is ridiclous! Selena and Demi have gone through a lot together and I think they have got 2 b frends!!! I have seen there vidios and they are best friends wat has happened and y is all this happening and y r celebs so fustrating, ahhhh

  7. Kelsey Autumn says:

    I really could care less, she can be friends with whomever she wants. I was best friends with a girl for FOREVER and we fought over something really stupid. Now, we aren’t so close. We’ve moved on. It’s not like they’ll never talk or hang out again. Personally, I think Demi is….blah and whenever Demi’s around Selena gets the short end of the stick. Which isn’t fair, because Selena is WAY more talented. But that’s just me :3

  8. JAKE T says:


  9. silvia says:

    im really sure that Demi is the worse friend you could ever had selina your better than Demi I’m ashly glad your not friend with her anymore ur way talent than her she is just a an ugly celebrity I have ever seen I don’t even no y she is a star I think I’m ashly have better voice than her

  10. cool girl 101 great selena gomez fan says:

    hi, I think your right but… Demi maybe ugly and maybe not such a good friend but I tell you something she’s got a good heart and you all no we have our ups and downs a lot and no ones perfect but I THINK

    i think Demi Lovato needs to step her game agenst Selena that’s all I’m sure and you can’t say what Demi is because your don’t talk to her and Selena if you have met Selena or Demi I’m sure they will tell you the answer

    cool girl 101 great Selena Gomez fan x

  11. Gerald says:

    You’re right Kaka…..
    I Heard that Demi’s new BFF is Miley ‘The Virus’ Cyrus

  12. Cooler-than-u-girl says:

    Taylor Jennifer and Demi.

  13. Laine says:

    I think she should follow her hart that’s what I would do

  14. Melanie Namubiru says:


  15. Jennifer N Selena fan says:

    I hope that is true cause I love both of them so much and they are like BFFs because they do a show together and in the show they are BFFs so I think they are I hope so because they are perfect for each other and I hope they always stay BFFs

  16. laura says:

    i think Selena is beautiful she and Brenda Song are the only Disney girls i can stand

  17. Hannah says:

    Omg selena I freakin live you I wish I could be your best friend so we could hang out all the time and txt each other and stuff but I’m an orfen and I’d never get that chance

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