Sepinwall: Voice Lacked But Antonella Barba Had Lip

Alan Sepinwall of the Newark Star-Ledger weighed in on and the potential backlash the ‘American Idol’ sexpot received after mouthing off to Simon Cowell. He writes, “After a week in which a series of raunchy Internet photos – some of which may not have featured her – had ‘American Idol’ fans debating whether the 20-year-old Point Pleasant woman should be allowed to stay on the show, Antonella finally had a chance to turn the discussion back to her singing voice on last night’s show. Instead, another kind of mouthiness could spell her doom.” As for Barba telling Cowell: “I’m going to listen to Paula’s criticism, because Simon was wrong about Jennifer Hudson,” he added, “Every year, contestants think that the audience will take their side if they talk back to Simon – no doubt because the producers encourage the studio audience to boo him – and every year, the contestants who do it suffer in the votes.”

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