Setting The Record Straight About Christina Aguilera

Contributed Anonymously:

I am an avid fan of and I would like to set the record straight with all those who say there would be no Christina without Britney Spears. I say this because before Britney there was Christina. She did the soundtrack for ‘Mulan’ and got a Golden Globe nomination and producers took notice and therefore RCA signed her. She did this before was known. Furthermore, she is no slut as some of Britney fans put it. A slut we all know is someone who sleeps around with different men. Now the question is how many men has Christina slept with? Or at least she’s famous for dating? Jorge Santos and off course Jordan Bratman. On the other, Britney Spears has been linked to every men in Hollywood from of *NSYNC to Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit to Colin Farrell to Jared Leto to a married man Columbus Short, Ben Affleck, the list is endless. This tells me that the people who call Christina a slut have no definition of what a slut is. It is mostly Britney’s fans who call Christina a slut because they actually are hiding the fact that it is their beloved idol who sleeps around.

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