Several Endings Taped For Madonna’s ‘Will & Grace’ Episode

New York magazine has more details behind Madonna’s guest taping of ‘Will & Grace’. The singer/actress was perfectly behaved during her taping. The only divalike moment came when she saw the outfits that wardrobe had selected for her. She decided to wear her own Dolce & Gabbana clothes instead. To keep viewers off guard, several different endings were filmed for the episode. Read more.

MTV Didn’t Want To Play ‘American Life’ Anyways

April 2, 2003 – Jeannette Walls of MSNBC reports that perhaps the reason decided to pull her ‘American Life’ video was that, according to sources, MTV in both America and Europe were refusing to air it.

Pulls ‘American Life’ Video

April 1, 2003 – has decided to withdraw the violent, anti-war video for her new single “American Life” out of respect for the troops fighting in Iraq. The singer told fans on her official website, “Due to the volatile state of the world and out of sensitivity and respect to the armed forces, who I support and pray for, I do not want to risk offending anyone who might misinterpret the meaning of this video.” The video was scheduled to premiere on VH-l on Friday.

Producers Have Plan For ‘Swept Away’ DVD

March 30, 2003 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue last night, “This is big — big entertainment news. This week, the director’s cut of Madonna’s movie ‘Swept Away’ was released on DVD. That’s right. Yeah, producers say they weren’t satisfied with audiences walking out of the theater. They want people to walk out of their homes. That’s what they want.”

Madonna Defends Inspirational Michael Moore

March 30, 2003 – Madonna tells Extra TV the militant source of inspiration for her on the ‘American Life’ video is in-your-face filmmaker Michael Moore. She says, “The movie that he made, ‘Bowling for Columbine,’ was a very important film.” She was even upset when he got booed at the Oscars. She says, “I was because it’s his right as an American, a constitutional right, to express his opinion and I was impressed with his courage.” Video has since been removed.

Madonna Makes Music History In Singles Charts

March 30, 2003 – Entertainment Weekly reports Madonna’s eponymous first single from her April 22nd ‘American Life’ album has made history: It’s the first song ever to chart based on Internet sales alone. Starting last week, the song was available as a digital download for $1.50 on and participating fansites, as well as on online subscription services like Rhapsody. Read more.

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