Shakira Admits To Being A Really Bad Actress

Shakira spoke with London’s Capital FM about whether she had plans to do any film work. The Colombian singer admitted, “I must confess that I think I would be a really bad actress if I ever decided to act. I tried it once – I played the main role in a soap opera in Colombia when I was 17. I did it because I had to pay my bills and because I was knocking on all possible doors to be able to release as an artist, a singer. That opportunity came in to my life and I accepted it. It was a nice experience and I met some very interesting people – real actors – and I understood what being a real actor is like. And I’m definitely not a real actress! Maybe some day I’ll do something for the film industry for a day or two, but not for more than that. Just to experience it for a day.”

Shakira Is Authentic & Right For The Time

March 26, 2002 – Shakira is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine. The mag talked with her manager, Freddy DeMann, who also launched Michael Jackson’s solo career. Freddy said when he spotted the singer on a Latin music awards show, “She was authentic. You could feel it even on television.” He described Shakira as “a very sexy girl with very pure thoughts,” adding “She’s right for the time. She’s a good Catholic girl.”

Shakira Sounds More Rock ‘N Roll Live

March 26, 2002 – Shakira was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday where she talked with Carson Daly and performed ‘Underneath Your Clothes’. In talking about her tour that is set to begin at year’s end, Shakira said, “My music tends to — to sound a little more rock ‘n roll oriented once I play it live. For some reason. It sounds more pop in my records but life is just, I don’t know, just pure energy and electric guitars.” For a transcript to the chat, click here.

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  1. chris says:

    At least she is smart enough to realize that just because you can do one thing doesn’t necessarily mean you can do everything.

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