Shakira Caught Drinking Coke Owned Bottled Water

The Daily Telegraph reports Shakira, who has a sponsorship deal with Pepsi, was caught drinking a Mount Franklin bottled water during her performance at Hurstville. The water is produced and distributed by Coca-Cola Amatil.

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6 thoughts on “Shakira Caught Drinking Coke Owned Bottled Water

  1. justinzgirl82 says:

    who cares…she doesn’t have to drink the product she endorses ALL the time!!!!!!give her a break

  2. USA2199 says:

    Don’t get me wrong I do like Shakira- but a lot of people might disagree with me here but if you’re going to sign a contract- I mean “sign a contract” with a company that is paying you millions of dollars to sponsor THEIR product then why drink anything else. I mean people can drink whatever they want but when it is “whatever” they want they should not be signing any contracts.

  3. alwaysbsb says:

    This is so pathetic. When Britney was spotted drinking Coke owned products, they jumped down her throat too.

  4. Brentwood_Babe says:

    I agree with this. A contract is just that. Otherwise, why have a contract? If I were paid a ton of money to endorse a product, I’d enjoy hell out of that product until my contract ran out. At least in public, I would.

    I’d smile, drink my whatever in public and count my money and lucky stars when I came home to my multi million dollar home.

  5. Danisha says:

    Of course Shakira was caught drinking a Coke product just like Brit the twit was.
    They’re both bubbleheads and the IDIOTS at PEPSI who signed those Barbie wannabe are getting just what they deserve for paying those no talent pop tarts MILLIONS of dollars to drink Coke products. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C!!!

    My question is, why are no talent pop stars being paid so much money to promote sh*t they don’t even use, wear, eat or drink in the first place? First, N Sync was all about McDonald’s, now they talkin’ bout some “I wan’t my Chilli’s baby back ribs!” L M A O!

  6. TxPopPrincess says:


    this is kinda what singers do….i should know.

    People need to stop with the petty stupid details like this. this is something that shouldn’t even have been posted on the site.

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