Shakira Explains Album Writing Methods

was on Access Hollywood Wednesday to talk about how she recorded her first English album, Laundry Service. The singer admits, “At the beginning, it was like oh, my god, I’m in trouble now. I have to make a record in English and how am I going to do it? For the first time in my life, I wrote with a rhyming dictionary on my right and a thesaurus on my left.”

Fan Gives Review Of Tower Records Show

November 18, 2001 – JohnVersion2 from Shakira’s official site message board was on hand at the show at Tower Records Sunset today and explained, “The concert only had huge Shakira fans so the environment at the concert was surreal. Everyone was so into her performance. Even little girls and ladies in their 40’s where even screaming Shakira’s name!” The poster even says the place was so packed, some members of the media were turned away.

Shakira Performs At Hollywood Tower Records

November 18, 2001 – has a huge gallery of 155 photos from Shakira’s performance at Tower Records Sunset in Hollywood on Saturday in support of her new album as the singer continues in-store promotions. The Colombian pop star wore a heavily cropped white shirt along with skin tight red leather pants to the performance in support of her new album ‘Laundry Service’. Check out the photos here.

Shakira Fans Criticize Leno

November 17, 2001 – Fans of Shakira were in many cases rather upset with the fact that Jay Leno only asked Shakira what her name meant last night in their brief interview after she performed on the Tonight Show Friday. On her official site’s message board, ‘Shakirita Fan’ wrote: “I am really mad. I felt that this was going to be one of her most important presentation for the American market and they did not interview her. It was as if they did not even give her a chance.” mariam7 gave a more reasoned response saying, “Jay Leno does that to many singers and groups. It was nothing personal against Shakira.”

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