Shakira Explains Why She Used Real Boyfriend In Video

spoke with the MGN about her decision to use boyfriend Antonio de la Rua, who is the son of a former Argentine president, as her boyfriend in the ‘Underneath Your Clothes’ video. “It’s a very personal song and I wrote it for Antonio in the first place,” she explained. “The video needed some romantic scenes and I felt I was not able to do them with some model or actor I had only literally just shaken hands with. I don’t want to kiss a guy on the neck when I hardly know his name. So I told Antonio I needed his help. I told him he would be fine and in the end he had no choice.”

Shakira’s Latin People Don’t Compare Her To Britney

July 14, 2002 – Ted Kessler of the Guardian spoke with Shakira, who insists she’s different from Britney Spears. “I just want everybody to understand me,” she said. “Just like all my Latin people understand me little by little with each album. They don’t compare me to Britney, you know. They’d be like, ‘What? Britney?’ Nothing wrong with Britney, she’s a great artist and very beautiful, but I was pretty surprised to be compared to her in America and Britain. But I think that’s because there isn’t a full understanding of my musical proposal here. That’s just a matter of time, though.” Read more.

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4 thoughts on “Shakira Explains Why She Used Real Boyfriend In Video

  1. zzbore says:

    I think Shakira is totally out if to be compare to Britney. PLease stop these rumours.

  2. Spicie says:

    Well I think the reason so many compare her to Britney is because of the blond hair. There was a teensy weensy bit of “controversy” when Shakira first came here. Lots of people said she dyed her hair to be more profitable here in the US….but whatever.

  3. BRiTsyncFAN says:

    do u honestly think that if Shakira came out with the same video except with her natural brown hair that she’d be so popular? hell no.

  4. Froot_Loop says:

    I totally agree with the last post and let me say to all that don’t know….Shakira in Latin America was actually ALWAYS compared to Alanis Morissette….I mean you even look at Shakira’s first video “Pies Descalzos” and its like a complete copy of the Alanis Morissette video “You oughta know” it even has a scene that is the same as the one in the video “You oughta know” where Alanis Morissette is like lying in flowers…. ok that was #1, #2 I believe that Shakira totally sold out to the Americans…why?? its simple you see Shakira used to be compared to Alanis Morissette so that was what her music used to be like….now compare that type of music to the pop commercial crap she calls “Latin music” which she sings in her new album “Laundry Service” and you´ll know she totally sold out and yes they made her dye her hair blonde to sell more records….#3 Shakira NEVER wore that type of clothes, she in her “rock” oriented Alanis Morissette wannabe image always wore like plain leather pants you know, no holes to see her ass, no sexy crap and normal plain shirts that would never show her belly button, you know like shirts that you buy at Kmart she had this image for several years, so you can say this was the “real” her and you know her music was like pop/rock and they weren’t all happy and commercial like they are now, the music she used to sing before was more about relationships gone bad, society, etc. you know like typical rock songs…. And the “sexy” moves she makes in her video “Whatever, Whenever” you know like in 1 scene where it looks like shes doing it with an invisible man… you would never see moves like that in any of her past videos. She was so plain….she had no style whatsoever so yeah we know that that whole image she has now was a made up image by her record company to sell more records and whats up with the JLO ass wannabe…I mean she wiggles that thing like there’s no tomorrow…wtf!! Oh and her hair color used to be black…. So to sum it all up…she changed her music, her image, and her language…. And on a personal note its SAD that they try to sell Shakira’s music off as REAL Latin music, don’t be deceived, its the same commercial crap, but they just added more of a beat to it.

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