Shakira Goes ‘On The Record’ About Early Childhood Development

discussed with ‘On The Record’ host Greta Van Susteren the importance of investing in Early Childhood Development policies in an interview aired Tuesday (February 23). Asked about what drives the singer to be so interested in early childhood development, the Colombian pop singer said:

I grew up in the developing world. I grew up seeing a great deal of injustice and inequality and feeling very frustrated about it and wanting to change things somehow, even if it was in a very small way. So when I was 18-year-old I started my own foundation in Colombia, Barefoot Foundation. And since then we’ve been providing education and nutrition and building schools for kids who live in areas of conflict. Right now we have 6,000 kids in Colombia, we built six schools, and we continue to bill more. But especially to provide support to the community, not only the kids but also the families. So this is something that keeps me passionate because it is so exciting to see the results, to see that money spent on education is money well spent.

Watch the interview via below.

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