Shakira ‘Gypsy’ Video

Shakira 'Gypsy' single cover

is out with the video to her latest single ‘Gypsy’, with tennis star Rafael Nadal playing the Colombian pop singer’s love interest. The song is the fourth release off her third English album ‘She Wolf’, out now on Epic Records. Watch the Jaume de Laiguana directed video via Yahoo! Music below.

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10 thoughts on “Shakira ‘Gypsy’ Video

  1. DORY says:

    I think Nadal is hot! He is my favorite Tennis player for a long time.I wish him luck on everything he decides to do with his life.

  2. Sam Dorrington says:

    Forget Nadal, Shakira is the hot one! That girl has got one hell of a body. Not a bad voice either :)

  3. Blegning says:

    I also have seen this music video on YT. They have this strong chemistry together. Perfect match!

  4. Lei Pai Chung says:

    Nadal is my favorite Tennis Player. He is one hunk.

    Check Out:

  5. superman stamina says:

    It’s my first time to hear, Rafael Nadal on the music video of Shakira. It is his first time? Is there any music video of an artist with Rafael Nadal?

  6. Mariana says:

    Shakira: beautiful and sexy as always.
    Nadal: Mister Hotness

    They are great together….what a chemistry!

    Awesome video. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Diana Kim says:

    They look good together! They made a very good music video. They are both hot, indeed. Hope they will pair up on another MV.


  8. Alex says:

    I have listened to some songs from Shakira, Shakira has a distinctive voice and her songs are very nice and this is my first time listening to song sung by Shakira with Rafael Nadal. I really like it…!

  9. Chaser Cruz says:

    Shakira has a great voice and the songs she sang always leave a great impact to music lovers. I also watch some of her music video and for me Shakira is a great singer with a beautiful body.

  10. Chimezirim Odimba says:

    Nadal and Shakira has great chemistry when together. And bumped in with great voice of Shakira, Now I know why it is titled Gypsy. A great song to be expected to reach top music charts.

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