Shakira Hires History Professor

Shakira arched back

The Mirror reports that has hired a history professor to give her tutorials on each destination she stops at as she travels the globe. “We’re getting someone so that each place we visit she can get a history lesson,” said Ceci Kurzman, the 28-year-old’s manager.

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2 thoughts on “Shakira Hires History Professor

  1. got_soul_not_solider says:

    It’s from the Mirror’, ‘Therefore it’s probably bs

  2. estephania says:

    Actually it’s true, her fan website sates it as well

    Shakira is actually quite an intellectual. She studies and reads a lot and she’s quite smart. I would love to be able to travel the world and take history lessons for each place I vivit, that would be great. It’s a much better way to learn than just by reading a text book.

    She’s really down to earth, pragmatic, and socially aware. There really isn’t anything fake about her, it’s evident in all the documentaries on her. That;s one of the reason why I loike her so much, she’s not a product unlike 90% of the female artists out ther. She writes, sings, and produces every single song. That and the fact that she is an amazing belly dancer, something I’ve been studying for a year now and it’s hard!

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