Shakira Phones Into TRL

phoned into MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to introduce her new video ‘The One’. The singer talked about her current tour, how she relaxes, and the story behind the new song. Read on for a transcript.

TRL: Yes, there goes J.Lo featuring LL Cool J “all I have” is 6. On the phone one of ‘TRL’ favorite artists Shakira. How are you doin’.

Shakira: Hello the I’m fine how are you.

TRL: Good. You’ve been on the road for a couple months you in I’m sure you are exhausted.

Shakira: Sometimes I get exhausted, yeah, it’s normal but a long way to go, like four more months, yeah –.

TRL: Anything you do at the —

TRL: At the end of the day on the stage with the crowd.

TRL: Anything else you do to relax.

Shakira: Hot bath and reading. I really enjoy reading, for example.

TRL: You don’t have like a masseuse team or personal manicurist.

TRL: I wish. That actually would be a good idea. I need to check, too I haven’t thought about those things.

TRL: You med you have four more months on this tour. We have dates we’ll scroll right now. You are actually playing in Houston tonight; right.

Shakira: Yes. Tonight and we’ll be in ls Vegas Saturday.

TRL: Cool. What city the best so far.

Shakira: I don’t know that’s a tough question because I enjoy every single night. It’s always different and the crowd always makes 50% of the show, you know, they always — always make a difference.

TRL: The kind of energy they are sendin’ for sure. We’re about to premiere your new video “The One” and I know in the past you’ve been involved in a lot of the creatives like “Objection (tango)” you had a lot to do with the creative did you do much with this one.

Shakira: In this one I pretty much left the director to come up with the concepts but I did want something very urban and something very, you know touching and I think that we achieved, you know. It’s a very — to me it’s one of my favorite songs in my album and I — I very much enjoy, uh, the way it came out. I really like it. Very simple, you know. We did it in Miami and pretended it was new york, made it like rainy and cold.

TRL: It is cold here for sure. Was the song written about anybody in particular.

Shakira: Excuse me?

TRL: Was the song written about anybody in particular.

Shakira: Hmmm. Ha-ha, yeah, you nailed it, yeah.

TRL: You care to share? About who or what.

Shakira: Yeah, it was written to, you know, dedicated to my boyfriends.

TRL: Ahhh, okay. Thank you so much for callin’ in do you want to do the honors and introduce the individual are to the people?

Shakira: Of course. Here it “the one” on TRL.

TRL: Thanks.

Shakira: Bye.

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