Shakira Turns Her Nose Up To Britney Spears Comparisons

Shakira smiles reports that doesn’t like it when autograph seekers confuse her to Britney Spears, because her chart rival married unemployed dancer Kevin Federline, while she has been dating Antonio de la Rua, the son of former Argentine president Fernando de la Rua, for several years. “They ask me if I’m Britney Spears, ‘Are you Britney? Can I have an autograph?’,” Shakira explained. “What a silly comparison: Shakira would never marry a back-up dancer.”

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11 thoughts on “Shakira Turns Her Nose Up To Britney Spears Comparisons

  1. Cabati says:

    Hey, they’re both masculine, blonde, and known better for their dancing then for their singing.

  2. estephania says:

    wow, that’s like comparing night with day. how can you compare on of the most talented artists out there with a lip syncing white trash moron like Britney?

  3. Hunglo says:

    Why…”The Britney is the finest person to ever accept K-Fed Sperm

  4. TotallyBitchassing says:

    That was a *****y comment. What a snub. “Shakira would never marry a back-up dancer.” The comparisons weren’t about who you would marry. Shakira sings like a goat. At least Britney doesn’t torture us with live vocals.

  5. Smile says:

    I don’t think it would matter as much that Kevin’s a back-up dancer if he had more class. Kevin left his girl and his kids to go with Britney. Then he smokes around Britney while she’s pregnant – Kevin is coming off as a creep.

  6. jazzprofounder says:

    People seem to always make the most silly and pointless comparisons against the most random artists to put in one sentence.

  7. DAWORD says:

    Shakira has the better manual dexterity. Britney and Shaira really don’t look much if at all alike…but people are dumb.

  8. sushz0r says:

    whether shakira would marry a backup singer or not has nothing to do with comparing Britney and shakira. I just don’t understand how anyone can get them confused. yes they’re both blonde but shakira is so much prettier.

  9. divinah says:

    Copycat Queen’, ‘In the early 90s, the copycat Shakira emulated Alanis Morrissette. Then when Britney appeared, she copied Britney, hair and clothes and all. Now she’s copying Beyonce. Shakira’s upper lip looks like the upper lip of an ape.

  10. CharlotteNCusa says:

    Shakira is turned into a blonde bombshell’, ‘Why is the SOUTH AMERICAN hit try to look NORTH AMERICAN!!!!!!! She is from another continent, so please be proud of your culture and LOOK like your culture. I think South Americans are beautiful, therefore you do NOT need to become a North American Whore lookalike!

  11. Evelina Delmore says:

    She wishes she was as universally appealing as Britney and this is coming from someone who is ethnic!

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