Shakira Wants To Become Lovers With Anglo Audience

Suchin Pak of MTV News spoke with when she announced her world tour titled the ‘Tour of the Mongoose’ earlier today in New York. Shakira described the tour she is especially excited to get closer this time to her new-found English speaking audience.

“With my Latin fans, you know I’ve been doing this for 14 years in Latin America,” Shakira said. “There is always a solid relationship with them, but with the Anglo audience, I have a beautiful relationship, but put it this way, we are just special friends right now. After this concert, I think we’re gonna become lovers forever and that’s what I hope. It’s gonna be pretty rock ‘n roll show ’cause there is a rocker trapped in this body, believe it or not, and it comes out usually when I’m on stage.”

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3 thoughts on “Shakira Wants To Become Lovers With Anglo Audience

  1. jimmyp says:

    This chick is living in a different world. Is she going to give us free Reebok’s when we go to the “rock n roll show”.. Whatever Shakira, you are no X-Tina.

  2. eLgato says:

    I guess black people in America don’t listen to pop.

  3. PopTart says:

    She’s a moron! Shakira, there is one race and its called the human race, get it right.

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