Shakira’s Appeal

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tells The Mirror that the attention she gets can be too much sometimes. “At home in Colombia, I can’t just nip out to the store in my pajamas any more,” she revealed at the NRJ Awards in Cannes on Saturday. “Too many people recognize me and I love to chat, so I’d never make it home.”

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4 thoughts on “Shakira’s Appeal

  1. Lava33 says:

    Well at least she is friendly and willing to talk to her fans. This is in sharp contrast to the spoiled, pampered, arrogant celebrities in America, who Im sure think they’re doing people a favor by just looking in their direction. That’s cool of Shakira.

  2. hooker says:

    I like the title, of, her song, “don’t bother, but, I am not really, a huge fan of her.

  3. estephania says:

    I’ve heard that she’s very friendly and open to fans when she meets them. I’ve never got the impression from her that she’s stuck up or has an ego. She has always seemed very down to earth. I like that about her.

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    She seems that way, but when there is no one around, she really isn’t that nice to’, ‘her fans. It’s understandable though, to some degree.

    because I’ve been around her a few times when she hasn’t been very pleasant to other people. Like I said, most of the time it’s understandable.

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