Shakira’s Complaint Gets Her Airbrushed Out Of Reebok Ad

The London Express reports Shakira was airbrushed out of a Reebok advertisement after she complained about the way the ad made her look. A spokesperson explained, “Reebok found it easier to replace her with one of their female employees.”

Shakira Thinking Over Million Dollar Egypt Tour Offer

March 28, 2003 – The Sun reports Shakira is negotiating a million dollar deal to do four concerts in Egypt. The singer had initially refused to perform there because of security fears, the same reason she gave to reject concerts in Tunisia, Morocco and Beirut. A source close to Shakira said, “She’s thinking it over. A million dollars is a lot of money to turn down.”

Shakira’s Mongoose Tours Runs Into Problems In Venezuela

March 12, 2003 – Venezuela Electronic News reports Shakira’s Mongoose Venezuelan Tour has run into problems. At the first concert in Maracaibo, there were complaints about logistics, slack security and irregularities in ticket sales.

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