‘Shammy Awards’ Blast Jacko, Elton, Britney & Mariah

Ahead of tonight’s Grammy awards, Brad Kava of the San Jose Mercury News gave out his ‘Shammys’ to “the artists who did the most to make a sham of the ideals of rock and rap, who turned the music into merchandise and flushed our collective dreams down the toilet.” Amongst the artists on the list were at #2: “Last year, Jackson, the man who once proclaimed himself the “King of Pop” and insisted MTV do the same or he wouldn’t appear on the network, threw himself a tribute to his own career. Amazingly, some people came. But he couldn’t fool many of them into buying his latest album.” As for the top popsters placed at #6: “Britney lip syncing her way across the country, Mariah Carey’s ‘Glitter’ and Garth Brooks’ Dr Pepper commercial. Need I say more?”

Jacko Won’t Perform At Wednesday’s Grammy Awards

February 26, 2002 – Reuters reports won’t be performing on Wednesday’s Grammy Awards despite the $10 million lawsuit showdown that pitted AMA boss Dick Clark against Grammy chief Michael Greene. Asked whether Jackson declined an offer to appear or whether he was never invited to begin with, the spokesman for the Grammy-sponsoring National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Ron Roecker, said he did not know.

Invests $20 Million In Film Company

February 25, 2002 – Michael has decided to invest between $15-20 million in a Hollywood production company, his Neverland Entertainment enterprise said. Michael said in a statement regarding his venture with producer Raju Sharad Patel to create Neverland Pictures, “Films have always been a passion for me as a fan and as an artist and there is nothing in the world like the magic captured forever in a time capsule like motion picture images. Raju and I are very excited to be joining together with MDP Worldwide and producer Mark Damon, who has a very successful track record as an independent producer and distributor.” The deal is subject to approval by regulators.

Michael Jackson Shopping For Own Record Label

February 25, 2002 – The New York Daily News reports Michael has been shopping for his own recording label in an effort to get out of his deal with Sony, according to sources. Jackson is upset that Sony’s Epic division hasn’t pushed ‘Invincible’ as much as he’d like them to. There doesn’t seem to be much interest in selling out to Jackson though as an insider adds, “The labels he has approached have told him, ‘We’re not for sale.'”

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