Shania Twain Prefers Britney Spears Over Christina Aguilera

In the new issue of the Spanish edition of Cosmo Girl, Shania Twain comments on Britney Spears. “It’s pretty remarkable how sweet and real this girl is, keep in mind she’s been in the business since she was a little girl, and I just admire that, I really do,” Twain said. On Britney vs. Christina Aguilera, Twain added, “I don’t know man, they are completely different girls, both can shake it, but I think Britney is a better performer though, she knows what to do on stage and how to keep it going.”

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10 thoughts on “Shania Twain Prefers Britney Spears Over Christina Aguilera

  1. mandysdandy says:

    People that post this BS assume that a celebrity preferring someone will influence our opinions. It doesn’t matter.

  2. trluk says:

    It’s on Yahoo that she never actually got married!! What is up with this girl? I do hope she never married and hope she tells Kevin to screw off. He is a trailer trash.

  3. fandango says:

    Britney has always admired Shania, and they keep talking each other up. You notice Shania isn’t necessarily impressed w/ Britney’s voice…no mention of her singing ability. Britney also thinks she can emulate talented and beautiful women who can have family and career. It won’t work for her – the others are so much more together (with the exclusion of Madonna).

  4. MyOpinionMatters says:

    The fans love everything the artist does and the haters bash everything the artist does. Nothing ever changes here. Each time you see Britney news you know exactly who’s going to post comments praising her and who’s going to post bashing her. The same for Christina, Nick, Justin, etc. it’s always the same people, saying the same things, it never changes. So I read the article and look for certain comments and leave.

  5. Kizzardkid says:

    Shania doesn’t know talent … she doesn’t have any… The girl is pretty but that’s about it … her writing skills are an insult to all songwriters. She only has like 4 good songs and that was off her 2nd CD “The Woman In Me” … after that she lost it.

  6. Dreamcatcher says:

    The thing that makes me laugh, are the people who actually get upset when you or anyone says something nice about a person. I don’t want to mention any names, but there is one guy in particular (I believe it’s a guy) who’s famous for that. I have been coming to this site for years and it never changes. I believe the same people just get different user names or something like that.

  7. MikelsAS86 says:

    Uh, you guys are stupid. This doesn’t even sound like something Shania would say, and I doubt she said it. A lot of reporters make up stuff that she “Supposedly” says but when she is asked about saying it… she doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Shania has tried to stray away from Britney ever since she wrote that song for her. Shania would never say she liked one better than the other. She stays neutral on most subjects.

  8. iloveChristinaAguilera says:

    How is that “preferring” Britney over X? She thinks that she is a better performer? I do too, doesn’t mean that I “prefer” Britney over X. (Even though I do like some of Britney’s songs) To me it means that she thinks that Brit is a better performer, which in a way, I kinda agree!

  9. jazzprofounder says:

    When is this comparison between Britney and Christina just going to stop? This is starting to get so old, no in fact it already is. There are many artists that are similar to Britney or Christina, I don’t see the reason in why people have to comment on just those two. Can’t people just like both of them and get over it? Christina and Britney aren’t that alike anyway, I don’t see why there is still comparisons between them.

  10. anti_social66 says:

    Yeah I agree with her, Britney is the better performer but Christina has the talent. but I love both of them so

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