Shania Twain Tops Aaliyah, B2K, Whitney

Contributed by elgato:

According to, Shania will top this week’s Billboard charts once again. Her album ‘Up’ sold another 379,871 copies to land at #1. Country music takes 3 of the top 5 spots as the Dixie Chicks ‘Home’ will move up to #3 and Tim McGraw’s album falls to #4. Aaliyah’s new posthumous album ‘I Care 4 You’ will debut at #2 moving 290,669 copies. ’s ‘Let Go’ will stay at #6. ’s album will fall to #8. B2K’s new album ‘Pandemonium’ will debut at #11 selling 185,381 copies its first week out. ’s new album ‘Just Whitney’ debuts at #15. Rival diva Mariah Carey’s new album ‘Charmbracelet’ will fall to #17, just behind rival diva ’s ‘Stripped’ at #16. Nas’s much anticipated new album ‘God’s Son’ will debut at #21 selling 143,000 copies. Most albums in the top 20 saw an increase in sales of at least 11%. Mariah Carey’s was the only one to see a decrease, with ‘Charmbracelet’s sales falling 29%.

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