Sharleen Spiteri: Lily Allen Says What A Lot Of People Think

singer tells The Sun she’s a big fan of Lily Allen’s outspokenness, a trait she shares with the ‘Smile’ singer. “I think Lily’s great,” the 42-year-old told Tim Nixon. “When people wage war on somebody and that person retorts to it, they’re a bit like, ‘What are you having a go at me for?’ Lily’s like, ‘Well, because you said this.’ I think Lily’s very aware of what she’s saying and what she’s doing. I can see where Lily’s coming from. I read a lot of what she says and piss myself laughing – she says a lot of what people think. At the end of the day she’s made two great albums, and as long as she’s making great records she can say what she wants. All power to her.”

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