Sharon Osbourne Forces MTV Censorship To Protect Kelly

The New York Daily News reports Christina Aguilera’s bit at the MTV Europe Music Awards where she threw darts at a board with Kelly Osbourne’s face on it, which was followed by Osbourne onstage badmouthing Aguilera and getting booed in the process, was edited out of the U.S. re-broadcast and many re-runs.

According to a source, Kelly’s mother Sharon called a top MTV exec and yelled, “We’re part of the MTV family. How could you allow this?”

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5 thoughts on “Sharon Osbourne Forces MTV Censorship To Protect Kelly

  1. venus18 says:

    I like Sharon overall, but Kelly is a big girl. If she can’t deal with taking sh** after giving sh**, she shouldn’t do anything to get anything said or done about her. Grow up Kelly.

  2. rangergirl says:

    I don’t have anything against Sharon Osborne BUT her daughter should have just ignored the whole skit. So what Aguilera threw some darts -why not? So what it’s a skit -A SHOW -a stupid award show at that . (Didn’t Kelly spit or worse on Aguilera’s car). Maybe Sharon should teach this kid some manners. Maybe her kid needs to work a real job & or work on her “talent”. P.S. Weren’t the Osbournes banned from the AMA’s because they were all horrible hosts. All they did the entire night was curse and CASH in on their dysfunction. How SAD.

  3. MistySl says:

    I’m sick of you. You run around Hollywood thinking you run stuff. Old lady you don’t. We don’t watch your tired show now. Have you heard of the newest hit with a real woman….named….Jessica maybe. Take the time you do bashing Christina and get your nasty, sloppy, dirty, disgusting, gross, obese, dike-loving, nasty wig-wearing, pigface, heavy-thighed daughter Kelly into a Jenny Craig program. Christina gave her what she deserved, and it shut her up. Finally, Now we need Madonna or Mariah to shut you up.

  4. JuSt1nKrEd1bLe says:

    Can’t Kelly fight her own damn battles? Looks like she still needs her mommy to hold her hand and do everything for her. Having MTV actually cut out those parts of the awards show was stupid on MTV’s part. Do they really think she’ll “bite” those balls off? Well Ozzy bit a head off a bat..who knows.

  5. StrippedForever says:

    Since Europe love Xtina, it’s a no surprise if they booed her. I mean she’s not even pretty then why da hell is she fighting with Miss Diva Controversy Christina Aguilera? Kelly your album only sold less than 135,000 copies and you’re still talking crap about Christina.

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