Sharon Osbourne Says Madonna’s Had Botox Injections reports Sharon Osbourne has alleged has used Botox. “I tell you what I went into shock at – Madonna’s new head,” she said. “See, she’s got that Botox in that forehead. Oh, Madonna I know what you’ve been doing! She’s been getting those injections. There’s not one line on that bloody head!” Sharon also has a few choice words for the now-infamous kiss Madonna shared with at the MTV Video Music Awards. “I think Madonna’s kind of infatuated with our little Britney,” Sharon said. “She’s gonna corrupt that little girl! One day she’s got on a flowered dress with glasses; she looks like a schoolteacher, then she’s kissing that little girl.”

Madonna’s Rep Threatens Suit Over Adoption Report

November 6, 2003 – Jeannette Walls of reports Madonna’s rep says the singer will seek legal action over a false report that she’s looking to adopt a baby. Now magazine has a detailed article quoting alleged friends of Madonna – one by name – about how the 45-year-old singer hopes to adopt a daughter by spring. “This is not true and if they did print it, they’re going to get sued,” Madonna’s spokeswoman fumed. “It’s so reckless.”

Sean Paul Wants To Collaborate With

November 6, 2003 – Sean Paul tells The Glasgow Daily Record he would like to meet up with Madonna at the MTV Europe Music Awards to talk about doing a duet. But MTV insist she’s not coming. “I’m going to chase up Madonna for real about doing something,” he said. “I’ve done duets with some amazing ladies. It helps if they are gorgeous.”

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3 thoughts on “Sharon Osbourne Says Madonna’s Had Botox Injections

  1. Cicero says:

    Sharon, I like you. But please — learn from your daughter’s mistakes and stop dissing!

  2. weebongo says:

    A little Botox is nothing. As long as she’s not getting her skinned pulled in every direction like MJ & Cher she’ll be fine. But if she wants to keep her career going in the mainstream she’ll have to do something to stay young. Females with lots of wrinkles don’t have hit singles. Sucks for females but that’s the way it is.

  3. looker says:

    I also like Sharon but why does she care if Madonna had Botox,,does anyone think Madonna is the type of person who has a problem with plastic surgery and changing her appearance. Besides a bit of cosmetic surgery could do the Osbourne family some good. Jack and Kelly’s fat as-es are in desperate need of some liposuction

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