Sharon Osbourne Wants To Punch ‘Full Of Sh**’ Madonna

Sharon Osbourne tells British GQ that Madonna is one of three “nightmare” dinner guests on her list, joining Mick Jagger and Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music. “I would like to punch her,” Ozzy’s wife revealed. “She is so full of sh**. She’s into Kabbalah one minute, she’s a Catholic the next. She’ll be a Hindu soon, no doubt.” Responding to the remark, the Material Girl’s spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg tells Jeannette Walls of that she has “no idea why Sharon Osbourne finds Madonna loathsome because she has found a form of spirituality which she has studied seriously for ten years and that gives her serenity in her life.” Read more.

Madonna Can’t Do Superficial

October 30, 2005 – Dig beneath the buoyant beats and neo-disco arrangements of Madonna’s new album, and Elysa Gardner of USA Today says you’ll find wistful undercurrents in both the music and lyrics. “That’s why I called it ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor’,” Madonna explained. “Most people equate dance music with being fluffy and superficial; it’s just about having fun. That’s fine, but I can’t write 12 songs about nothing. My feelings or point of view inevitably sneaks in.”

Madonna Explains Poor Sales Of ‘American Life’

October 30, 2005 – Asked why her last CD, ‘American Life’, became the first disappointing seller of her career, Madonna tells The New York Daily News it was “because I was critiquing America. We had just gone to war in Iraq, and I was criticizing George Bush’s decision. People were saying, ‘You’re not supporting the troops. ‘You don’t care.’ “Which is bullsh**. I care a lot. That’s why I didn’t want it to happen. I said the wrong thing at the wrong time.”

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5 thoughts on “Sharon Osbourne Wants To Punch ‘Full Of Sh**’ Madonna

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    I don’t like it when artists explain why their album didn’t sell too well…for one, it’s pointless, and they can’t predict how well their album will do regardless if it’s controversial or not. I personally just thought American Life wasn’t Madonna’s best album…not because she was criticizing America or Bush, but simply because I thought most of the music sucked, and I thought she was trying too hard to make her point. I think people don’t mind if a song or two is about a serious or political issue, but to almost dedicate a whole album to it is something that many get turned off by. I really liked Ray of Light because it was serious and personal, and yet it wasn’t TOO serious, it was simply good, fun, and inspiring music at the same time. I think if she did that with American Life maybe it could have done better, but I can’t predict how well it could have done either.

  2. weebongo says:

    So Madonna had one album that didn’t do great in America. It still sold 5 million copies worldwide. It’s much better then Miss Piggy who had nothing but flops from 1998 to 2004. Miss Piggy had a huge 6 year span where all her singles flopped. Charmbracelet didn’t even have one top 40 hit. Madonna still remains the most consistently successfully female artist ever. It’s been almost 25 years and she’s still able to rack up the hits. For that 25 years there have been very little missteps. Hung Up is already huge and a top 20 hit on the Hot 100 in its first week.

  3. EdwardAlex says:

    Well in all fairness she was asked why she thought the album tanked in the states. To be honest I was wondering when she was going to come clean about the poor sales of American Life. Had she kept the original American Life video (which is awesome) I think it would have helped convey her beliefs and ideas a little better and give the album a better shot. I love the part where she says “It would be less controversial if I joined the Nazi Party,” Madonna says of the Kabbalah” and “We’re all in a cult,” Madonna says. “In this cult we’re not encouraged to ask questions. And if we do ask questions, we aren’t going to get a straight answer. The world’s in the cult of celebrity. That’s the irony of it.” I think she is definitely right on par here.

  4. Meggz75 says:

    I don’t think it really had much to do with her opinion on war, maybe the music itself sucks, has she ever thought of that? I was the biggest fan of hers in the beginning (back in the 80s, early 90s), but the last several albums have not been all that great to me.

  5. MusicTodayBlows says:

    Sharon would kick old hag Madonna’s ass! Looks like someone else is sick all of her phoney crap. BTW, why does Madonna act like a wimp and lets her spokeswoman do all of the talking for her? First Bon Jovi, and now Sharon. They talk about her and Madonna just runs and hides behind her publicist. And don’t say “She has better things to do with her time.” It takes 10 seconds to respond and to me, I’d want someone talking crap about me know what I thought of them.

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