Shawn Desman About Halfway Done With New Album

Shawn Desman

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@shawndesman) on Saturday (November 8). The Canadian pop singer tells readers:

Hey y’all!!!

How’s it going? Hope this blog finds everyone in good spirits and health:-)

So, where do I start…
Basically, I’ve been working like an animal on this new record and I’m about half way done:-) yay…
I think a finally found a sound that I’m happy with and I think y’all are gonna dig. It’ll be a breath of fresh air, I promise you!
We are planning on releasing a single in January so look out for that!
And as you can see I’m changing the image up a bit, it’s a new day, I’m older… You’re older… We’re all just getting old;-) hahahaha..
But seriously, I’m a new person and I can’t wait to share the new Shawn Desman with the world! Oh, but I’m still the nicest, most humble guy you will ever meet :-)

See ya soon everyone!!!!


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3 thoughts on “Shawn Desman About Halfway Done With New Album

  1. Diana Moreira says:


    Just wondering if you gonna have a tour in Ottawa?

  2. Hanna says:

    When is the new CD coming, I am dying to listen to it, I have loved you for so long, I went to a concert a few years back…

  3. rachelle says:

    Hey good luck!!!!!!!!! I know you are working hard and I just wanna say thank you for the great music

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