Shayne Ward Begins Writing Songs For Third Album

The New Straits Times caught up with Shayne Ward, asking ‘The X Factor’ season two winner about his move into songwriting. “I’m writing my own songs in my third album, which will be ready after June next year,” he said. “I spent three months in the United States recently, writing and recording new materials.”

After teaming up with Max Martin on his second album ‘Breathless’, the results was a disc more musically diverse than his 2006 self-titled debut. “I think the second album has more variety compared with the first, which were mostly ballads,” the 23-year-old stated. “Breathless has a mixture of pop and ballads that appeals to a wider audience.” The full story at has since been removed.

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One thought on “Shayne Ward Begins Writing Songs For Third Album

  1. luv ya shayne says:

    i really love your album specialy the older one it so romantic and emotional I love ur songs a lot it really change me a lot I was rocker and now am in love with ur songs alot

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