Shayne Ward On His Sexy New Sound & Stalkers’s Beth Hardie caught up with for an interview, where ‘The X Factor’ season two winner talked about stardom, success and having his own stalker, the sexy new direction of his second single and the title track to his sophomore album ‘Breathless’, the steamy scenes on the video for the disc’s first release ‘No U Hang Up’, how life has changed since he won the hit UK program, and revealed his plans to return to Asia and Australia before doing a UK tour.

Asked if his sexier sound was his idea, Shayne said, “Well, yeah it was. I sat there and the great thing was we all knew the direction that we all wanted to go in, and I knew the reasons I wanted to go for this because the first album was mainly ballads. It gave us more room for the second album to be a lot more up tempo, a lot more sexier. I’m pleased with the outcome.”

But does his girlfriend like that sound? “She loves it. Everyone asks me but she does love it because she does acting herself,” Shayne explained. “When she sees the video for ‘No U Hang Up’, it’s great. It’s kind of like she gives me pointers.”

Has he dealt with female stalkers? “To be honest, just recently I’ve had a few stalkers,” Shayne confessed. “But they’ve been pretty friendly so far. I’m just hoping it stays that way. I won’t say she’s a stalker. She’s a great friend, I just met her the other day at the offices of Sony BMG. She asked me to sign her wrist. She had it tattooed. So that’s dedication, do you know what I mean. She’s not a stalker, she’s a nice one.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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