Shelly Kearns Dismisses Wilt Chamberlain Film Gossip

A couple of posters on Christina Aguilera’s forum at managed to get themselves scolded by the singer’s mother Shelly Kearns for perpetuating the story that she was set to star in a film about Wilt Chamberlain. Shelly told Hafeeza, “There actually was a script presented to her for it, but they received a solid, definite NO within the first week. They are fully aware that they’ve received the answer. Film companies who want to offer celebrities a film role go to the management of the celebrity themselves. They don’t suddenly decide to approach random fans on the internet like yourself who have no contact at all with the artist, and no affiliation on any official level at all. I’ve heard from fans who tell me that you have told them that the film company contacted you directly to ask about any interest Christina might have in the role. That simply doesn’t make any sense.”

As for a poster claiming to be with the film’s production company, Shelly said, “If you say you are from this production company, then I’d suggest you take no for an answer. If, as is the case with some companies where one department neglects to update the other, I strongly suggest you call [Aguilera’s manager] Irving Azoff’s office… again… to be updated on the fact that you received the answer from the office long, long ago.”

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