Shelly Kearns Recent LiveDaily Posts

Shelly Kearns began posting again on LiveDaily after 3 months away from the official site message board of her daughter, Christina Aguilera. Shelly addressed a shocking report that someone called KIIS FM posing as Christina after the 11 tragedy. Also, Shelly seems to bring question to reports Christina missed the Latin Grammy presentation because of the flu.

Shelly explained, “Actually you guys, she will not be there. She was going to, but found out it was totally impossible. She was so disappointed, but nothing could be done to change it.”

Finally, in regards to Star reports and follow-on reports from other gossip sites picking it up, Shelly blasted reports on her being sick, which we didn’t report as it was stale news. Kearns fumed, “They just took the couple of lines from my last diary entry and COMPLETELY INVENTED THE REST. Neither the STAR nor the ENQUIRER, where I’ve heard it was all first reported, never once picked up a phone to ask any of us even one question asking if I indeed am “crippled” as they say, or to verify anything as truth before writing the stories they printed. Not even once!”

The “Ask Shelly” portion of the LiveDaily message board was brought off the message board to the official site where negative posters could be more effectively censored, so these recent posts were in the Christina forum.

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