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Sheryl Crow

recently visited the Studios for a live session, where the singer songwriter performed ‘Summer Day’, ‘Our Love is Fading’ and ‘Peaceful Feeling’. Crow also talked about her new album, baseball and Stand Up To Cancer. “I love my job,” Crow said. “I look at my life and think, it’s such a compelling time to be an artist. There are so many things to write about — and so many things we all share in common from events to emotion. It’s great to be a writer. The celebrity part of it for me is more challenging because I am a private person, and have had very public relationships — which I feel not only suffered from being so public, but also became sort of overshadowing. I really love being in Nashville, I love being able to raise my kids there and have anonymity, so to speak, because there’s no paparazzi or anything like that. To have a normal life there, and to be able to hold my personal life and my relationships sacred and not have them be part of the press circus.” Check it out at

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