Shiloh: I’m A Mash Up Of Musical Styles

has been asked many questions by fans, so she put together a FAQ in a blog posting at her MySpace (@shilohofficial) on Monday (March 16), including the top five most asked questions, five other commonly asked questions, and yet another five commonly asked questions. One of them was whether she considered herself emo, goth, punk, scene or what. The Canadian singer responded:

That’s a very good question, lol, now a dayz its kinda like well if u have PVC boots, then ur most likely labeled as goth, right? A certain shirt makes you punk and certain hair style automatically makes you ’emo’.

It’s just mostly ’cause people don’t know what else to call it, lol, but I’m 100% me, I guess u could say its a mash up of a bunch of different ‘styles’.

I prefer to confuse people with it, HAHAHA

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