‘Showbiz Tonight’ Discuss Fallout Over John Mayer’s Playboy Interview

‘Showbiz Tonight’ host A.J. Hammer took a look at the outrage over John Mayer’s choice of words during an interview, where the singer songwriter dropped the N bomb and suggested his heart is attracted to black women, but not his penis. The panel included Hammer, his co-host Brooke Anderson, 5DollarPrep.com’s Hyla and Carolina Bermudez of In Touch.

Asked if Mayer’s apology was too little, too late, Bermudez responded, “Well, apologies are always nice. But he shouldn’t have said it in the first place. I think is so much smarter than this. And I’m really surprised at his lack of sensitivity, especially when he does have very great friends in the industry that have welcomed him, that have, you know, really given him that credibility that he is so looking for. So apology, great but you shouldn’t have said it.”

Hyla said he did have some sympathy for Mayer after the flak he’s received since the Playboy interview came out. “A little bit. I mean, here’s the situation where a lot of people are accusing of being racist,” he explained. “I don`t think he’s racist. I think he’s just dumb. He didn’t say the word out of hate, out of anger. This isn’t a Michael Richard or a Mel Gibson situation. He said it out of ego. He thought he was cool enough and clever enough and he could say it. And obviously, he has it. If you look at the spirit of what he says, we all agree with it. He said, ‘I can`t say that word because I haven’t lived the life of an African-American.’ He just used the word and he’s dumped on for that. He’s not a racist and a lot of people are calling him that. And I think that’s where he`s getting a little sympathy from his fans and from me.”

Watch the segment via CNN.com below the cut.

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