Showering With Jason Mraz

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Wednesday (August 19), discussing after show shower facilities and his performance at the Indiana State Fair on Tuesday. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Performing shows night after night, circumnavigating the globe, resting eyes on city sights, spotting famous landmarks, and flirting with gorgeous crowds are just some of the perks that come with the job title: touring artist.

But sometimes I forget my flip-flops for the after-show shower. I wonder how many bands before mine made their mark in that flimsy, soiled shower, leaving remnants of past celebration clogged in the drain as the dishwater fills up around my ankles, flooding a dressing room barricaded with wet towels. We sometimes bath in makeshift showers that resemble portable toilets, forgoing hot water and volunteering to smell of eggs, while contracting athlete’s foot and an HPV, all for the love of music and this raw chance at seeing the world. Health and Safety make touring the art that it is.

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10 thoughts on “Showering With Jason Mraz

  1. Anne Pham says:

    Hello there,
    =) Keep opening up their eyes ay. Very proud of you.
    Usually it’s between 3.30 and 4.30 when the streets are the most quietest. Riding around, standing on a bike, feeling the wind rush against your cheeks, a sense of excitement and anticipation of nothing but NOW! in any location when the streets are empty looking all around at that height as you hover by. =) The creation and wonders of existence. Just being. =)
    I’m listening to Yanni. Cannon is also a wonderful beat. Just so much soul. I fall backwards with pleasure.

    Cheers Jason

  2. Anne Pham says:

    Simultaneously… Hmmm
    sand stone, Tea tree oil, sorbolene cream (optional), pure olive oil. =) The only thing I’m gonna say is “grrrr!” lol Red ay… very glad you’re tranquilizing it with green. The flip side of all things. =)

    love love.

  3. Anne Pham says:

    My thought atm… the journey is what makes the arrival to ones destination the most fulfilling. hmm… I’m at a stand still. Errr.. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry… Viewing the world through a clear clean window… hmm apart of me wants to just… I dunno… throw myself into a fire or a better analogy… standing around with a ridiculous smile on my face while digging a hole for myself. lol I’m still here. There is something I need to do. Something I want to do. And? The only thing. The only hint I have is You… I dunno… I honestly do not know what to do now. I can imagine my conscience squatting and drawing swirls on the ground. Where ever the location is. Upon the sand, upon grass and dirt. On the side of a lake. Just in contemplation of well nothingness.. You gave the best way in describing it in that Garfield sketch… focus is just hmm by the way my opinion more like comment on your songs. Hmm it’s like I’m talking to myself quite literally. lol what I mean is. It’s like the song “killing me softly” Someone else singing the same things I know myself.. The same things I want. Down to Mr. curiosity. lol When I’m curious. Knowing what I know and wanting to challenge it. lol Kinda like testing out theories. But testing and challenging…not only is it entertaining and interesting but… it then casts a great shadow on doubt and trust… Yet again… digging into the dark…And it makes you wonder… lol Funny…the knowing and already revealed…yet…feeling completely bewildered by it all. What do I do?…If there are no rights and wrongs. And only what’s good for me… and being honest to myself… It’s like a drug. It doesn’t affect you if you don’t allow it to. And? then you experience all the positive aspects of it. Because you are certain… Hmm but knowing that it isn’t the right thing to do.. lol like a loop… what do I do then? Knowing that doing nothing and knowing things are going to occur around you…knowing that things happen accordingly anyway… What then? Go and get caught in a rip or a tidal wave? The longer I’m exposed to this…The more affected I become… solitude… silence. serenity. To live with the world. To be completely free… Hmmmm disconnection…yet…harmonious. The cigarette smoke around me…I’m so vulnerable now that I flem up just being exposed to it for mere seconds.. Everything around me…. everything….points again to one thing. You…
    Hey. Do you want to make a project. I dunno. Write about all of this. I mean. hmmm like a book of techniques, clues. things that lead towards the truth. like a way of living. lol down to exfoliating. core strengthening. fears. methods in tackling them. colour theory, shapes, taking bits and pieces of history. Because although everything points to the same thing. Hypening people’s inabilities. Like a book for everyone. Like a survival kit of living. lolz about chakaras. dreams. just a collection of things. Like hmmm “logical thinking” lol the what to do book. encyclopedia lol instead of expanding upon things cover main droplets of each thing that will be easy to absorb and highly relative to the kind of mind frame that holds this generation. Listings of books, movies, stories, stuff upon stuff. subtitles of chakaras and everything from a to z on them and how to deal with and challenge ones self. physically and mentally. I dunno what I’m on about now. But, you are still the only one I know who understands all that I know. So meh! There’s my thought for the moment. Covering all life’s lessons and stages in life. so everyone knows they are not alone. lol or more of less find it within themselves. live for you. live with and amongst people. =P I dunno… wanting to do something. write something. even a script. Hmmmm…. lol gosh… that’s a spontaneous thought. Oh well! =) It will come in time.

  4. Anne Pham says:

    silence and still…. hmmmm…. bing!

  5. Anne Pham says:

    Remember me mentioning George Orwell? =) I had Yevgeny Zamyatin’s “We” on my shelf like “The secret” for quite some time and? =) Just read it ok?!!!1??!!!!!!
    He is one person who has transcribed the truth. A person who was a professor to George Orwell and who gave great influence. This will inspire you with your writing as it is also broadening my own thoughts on subject matter and available paths in expressing our knowledge.
    Just by reading the first page alone… totally brilliant. I wonder how he dealt with all of this really. lol In terms of aliens on this planet? =) I dunno…the best way I can describe it is.. standing in a crowd and watching time pass by. lol Like the way Zamyatin describes it. Like you were God on the seventh day of creation. Looking at everything. Taking it all in. Breathing in the fresh air. In total amazement of it all! lol Time passing by at an incredibly slow rate though. Like you, I, we are the aliens our selves or beings of another time locked within time travel… in the past.. =) Again it brings out my curiosity on the matter of how many of us are equipped with such dimensions of logic. Zamyatin… died from a heart ailment… hmm I could of been going down that track too now that I think about it. Hmm Glad I found you though. hahahahaha errrrr….. hmm… =D But as much as that is too the case… It’s a bitter sweet reality when you come to think about it. lol Like shucks! *clicks her fingers* don’t you have that moment when you’re like “man… why can’t I be ignorant? They all seem so mindless and happy… Those were the days… so few… Alone again as no one sees the simplicity of logic in this perplexed world…How do I live the rest of my days in so being? As there is no one around who will catch the ball that I throw, or even throw a ball for me to catch…” The battle against and for one self never ends then… lol again… the bitter part of the trials of insanity as the cogs in your mind keeps spinning… What to do… lol
    ANYWAY! ENOUGH OF MY RAMBLING. OH OH!!!!! HELLO THERE TRISH! =p BOO! LOL You will love the book if you don’t already. =D


  6. Anne Pham says:

    “do not be angry
    do not worry
    be grateful
    work with integrity
    be kind to others-
    Every morning and every night, sit in the Gassha position (hands held palm to palm) speak these words out in your heart. For the evolution of body and soul. Usui Reiki Ryoho. =)
    Hmmmm He was yet again an enlightened soul. =) The Tibetan- Tantric Reiki works on the chakaras. My be of great value and interest to you.


  7. Anne Pham says:

    Hmmm… there has been something that has been bothering me for awhile now. I feel as though I’m being watched. Hmmmm…

  8. Anne Pham says:

    A few things have been digging at my heels lately. That, obvious is just a matter of speaking. Hmm where do I begin? How is it produced within our dna of this phenomenal twist of fate that there are those who do wonder around with the transparent truth upon their shoulders. Lodged within their line of thought, views of sight? And how does all of this relate also back to unconditional love? The one thing that binds all of this into effect? As if it is relative both to our chakaras, senses and genetic data? The one thing that was stuck upon my mind… “fu** for peace” I thought about it… even if we were to go around spreading our dna? it wouldn’t cause the effect necessary for this evolutionary chain reaction. More like close mix matches of degressiveness. Hmm why did I come to this conclusion? fu**ing and making love are two different things. Cause of intention. Lust and love. That essence alone is required to build something within a creation of a soul that is to exist within that chosen/given lifetime. And I believe that is true. Why? Looking around and seeing attraction by nature take effect around us. Why people say “He/She is so stupid but yet I love him/her” It’s a given that it is an innate feeling of attraction where without their own acknowledgment do that feel propelled and drawn with nothing other then what they can even come to terms with but logical thinking. Yet disguised as irrational irradical behaviour. Which is why fear does also play apart of it. The willingness of a soul is necessary too for that evolutionary incline.
    Hmm…. These thoughts have been within myself like the term seeing “clear” and such choices of words I’ve been using without my own recognition and influences of any texts or sources. It was and is already within me lol Like when I said I am that I am as you are that you are. lol
    The jews and the crusades. Meaningless power infused, negative drives… Hitler… the killing and end of that irrational cause and digression of mankind. Then??? The big baby boom which occurred soon after the depression marking the final effects of that war. The baby boom… brought up a whole new prospect to living. It was yet again a harvest time for progress as unconditional love increased. Progression continued. I thought about myself also. Why it took 4years for my parents to decide to have me… and I wondered if it was just a fluke of nature v.s. nurture… But then… it is within my own dna that I am to function a certain way. Nurture… the mechanical chain of reactions that were predetermined for my being… my dna and influences also determine freewill…which to be individual is yet again to conform to this mechanical system that is life because evolution is mandatory, inevitably certain…Those who possess powers, who find dhamma who acknowledge aspects of the truth and yet hold back to process the rest or??? are not genetically capable as it is within ones limitations and?? knowing that force only counter reacts response…These are the very beings who will cause this forgive behaviour…creating rules and limitations to all around… The general progression of people… will yet again be in question as there are those who are deluded in thinking that they are to show people the way! When… it is by their own lives that they should be focusing on and influence is just via role modeling…actions of their own being… The whole loneliness factor and thinking they have to drag people into the light…from a sense of superiority and authoritarian view…yet again a primitive misjudgment of their own reason for being. Again to draws back to idealisms and doing things validates their existence. Knowing that there is not necessary to prove anything as it is a part of the whole process… hmm People playing God…all over again… deluded intentions of good…only again harvested by the ego… I wonder who will be responsible for the next evolutionary change? lol errrrrr….
    Remember when I told you that when you are ready to see me, feel free to? Hmm and when I said once this whole stardom thing dies out? Hmm A person in the future stuck in the past… That is the only way I can describe how I feel… Be safe. Be warm. Take good care of you. =) Hmm… I have yet to throw myself back into mechanical motion. Knowing I have unlimited options and paths that are to my own desgressional choice…yet the choice still remains unchosen… lol although it’s not the case…the choice has already been chosen…but the machine.society wants something else of me… unnecessary… the option of entering a monastery seems brighter by the second as it is by the day. And then…that too will be kamikaze to evolution as my dna will be sacrificed to this one lifetime… It’s like…progression must take upon a slower route…or? a test. challenges… I have not yet the resources to come and search for you. Lives of the opposite spectrum… another test of faith. Hmm

  9. Anne Pham says:

    My dear friend,

    Hmmm… Does Zamyatin take the words right out of behind the tip of your tongue?
    Do you see what he saw?
    Are you as fearful and curious about me as I am of you?
    I read a horoscope today. Funny. It came true. =) Something that wouldn’t under these circumstances come into effect. Yet…miraculously it did.
    Did you hurt your left knee today? Hmmmm and is your throat alright?
    Hmmm Upon three occasions three persons informed me through sources out of my own knowledge at the time that I were to encounter the person I would associate a tremendous love for. Unconditional. One was through angel healing and tarots, one was from palm reading and the third was through the astrological reading I mention awhile ago. All three were just mere co-incidences as I thought it were at that time. Although I gradually came to a firmer understanding. I still did hold an ever so open mind to the idea. All three sources told me that this person was someone I have never meet.
    Anyway. I thought I should share this with you.

    Jason, if like everything that has occurred seems as though each of us is taking words out of each other’s mouths. Reflective images of ourselves through one another.. I would really like it if you were to come and fetch me. My first initial desire now holds ground..something that already did from the very beginning. But something I questioned and feared. Till now. You brought out a message and I responded to it. Are there any others who have done the same? And how many of them? You are my only link. And I’m happy to say that I no longer feel the urge to be hypocritical or skeptical of myself or of any of this any longer. Zamyatin is my final validation that what I do see, what I acknowledge. Is what it truly is. And? I believe you too see it clearly.

    I will be waiting.. But I have to also tell you…I don’t know why but because I was faced with the circumstances that lead me to this point. A counselor has suggested hypnosis and that will be occurring on the 2nd of next month. Peter Rowland whom I don’t ever get any contact with besides main events and that was a year ago…has contacted me and “told” me to contact them beginning of next week for weekly rosters… hmmmmmm You know in The Matrix where knowing the truth is wrong? forced to go back into conformity? To be rid of all your memories? Right now? That is my one fear. And I evoke thee to come and save me from this. But either way… if anything does occur to me… It was my pleasure in knowing you Jason Mraz. And tears just well up as I utter those words to myself. I so hope though that it isn’t the case…All for one and one for all!


  10. Anne Pham says:

    Hey there!!! I am not a zombie. Again! That too was a frightful moment. Gee… I sure can laugh at myself on that one.
    =) So! the things that have gotten me to this point? Hmmmm where to begin? I saw and did a few things. I went for a run early in the morning whilst seeing the day break. I climbed the 1000 steps in Dandenong Ranges. I saw a whole arch of a rainbow just outside the kitchen window. I’ve also been seeing groups of birds flying. In particular, a V shaped group of em. I encountered a very unusual soul who out of no where told me he needed to give me a message. A person I have never meet before and who has associations with angels and the like. Not quite the same frame of mind, but more a formidable link. He just recently grabbed a network connection in California. Dj C. aka. Costa Pandas. It was a message that really lifted up my heart. “The universe loves me and I should let things into my life as it is not all bad. lol Cover myself in white love. =)” Another thing! Another gift from beyond. I wrote down that I needed to search for another place to do Yoga. Yeah. I know I can do it on my own and anywhere. But to be out and about in society. =D I wanted that. Before you knew it, the following morning, I received a call from a community centre that they are in search for a new instructor and will be in contact with me very soon. I laughed hard. Oh! the thousand steps? up and down without a pause. Awesome!!! =D And as for work? I’ll be at Federation Square tomorrow night and the NGV International on Saturday night.
    The two things that phased me. The growing awareness of people that we are bound and are expected to unit re establishing the source. Illogic and emotion vs. logic and rational. Hmmmm… To fuse the two together… In order for total evolution, the elimination of things that are as they were… Extinction of things that exist to cast upon the upbringing of things to be. And the other side. Facilitating a way to hold on to this. This existence that is… Like the imprints on the our dna utters logic yet…the as awarenesses increase… so does the stance of free will… funny ay?
    MEH! Whatever happens happens. =) You are still the only person who understands what I’m saying. lol And again… I do drift here and there, openly and honestly saying whatever it is bottled down within me without a second thought but hey..I reckon it’s pretty insane in itself.
    I’ll tell you something that did shock me. I wanted to be a banana as well and I pondered that thought just yesterday. Oh about your cat. He is just like a human being. Just very self centred. =P He’s really pissed off that you neglect him. Funny… My cat would be the same age. He was ginger and white. He always had googly rounded eyes. Your cat can also sense when you are really relaxed and happy. When you hold him and bring him close to you, he will purr immensely. You will feel a difference in his demeanor when your heart’s calmed down and your breathing at a relaxed state. You cat will welcome that feeling and he will want to play with you, following you all around the place. You can also second guess him. Using your hand you can play around with him and he will bite hard! lol although it’s just the way he is. When he can’t look at you and turns away… You are doing something wrong in his eyes. Either neglecting yourself or and him. He senses whether or not you are your true self and come to you without asking as he will sense you. Hmmmm… I do miss my cat. He was amazing.

    Anyway buster.


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