Shut Up Stella’s Jessie Checks In After HOB San Diego Gig

Jessie Malakouti, Kristen Wagner and Fan_3 of the music group Shut Up Stella

of checked in with fans on the group’s blog at Myspace on Saturday (August 25). She writes:

HOB Show…

(in case you were wondering) Was AMAZING! The energy and vibe couldn’t have been more perfect… Also we love playing with our two new honorary SUS members Drew (guitar), and Charles (Base), The stage was tiny, but it almost was better that way because it felt like one giant-over-crowded party… the best kind where you have to hold your drink above your head to get through…ya know?

Anyway.. we fu**in rocked the show… and can’t wait to play more! So if we are in a city near you, you better come and catch us live kiddies! Plus we have ep’s now, so you can grab one of those on your way out…



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