Sibling A Rival For Bad Girl Britney Spears

The Herald Sun is casting a critical eye towards Britney Spears, claiming “one person is clearly ready and willing to step into the pop star’s shoes — her little sister Jamie Lynn.” The explained, “While a disheveled Britney, 21, was smoking and shopping in Los Angeles a few days ago, just a few blocks away Jamie Lynn, 12, was attending a movie premiere.”

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3 thoughts on “Sibling A Rival For Bad Girl Britney Spears

  1. jimmypee says:

    as if one untalented little hick isn’t enough. well actually, Britney’s looks are fast deteriorating, and that’s all she’s got, so soon it will just be her sister.

  2. hellahooked says:

    I saw that today! Saturday newspaper had the picture of Britney & Madonna kissing when they were talking about Delta. That JUST had to put that in.

  3. Jeff_tNET says:

    jimmypee… yer stupid, you can kinda tell from your username

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