Simon Cowell Putting Together Charity Single For Haiti

is the first big star to lend her voice to Simon Cowell’s charity single for Haiti. “It’s not the best time, logistically we’re all over the place but we’re going to make it happen,” Simon told reporters.

A report from ITN, featuring Cowell discussing the news, has since been removed at

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3 thoughts on “Simon Cowell Putting Together Charity Single For Haiti

  1. Sue Ellen says:

    Why not talk to Carrie Underwood. She already has a song “Change the World” on her new Playon CD that would be perfect for this effort

  2. jordy says:

    Check out Simon’s proposed charity single

    “The X factor Song 2009”

    @ you tube dot com/ thisisjohnnyblack

  3. Ziggy1713 says:

    Il Divo anyone? They should have been first on Simon’s list! They have finished their world tour and don’t go into the recording studio until March.

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