Simon Cowell Says Corey Clark Is A Creep

Simon Cowell spoke to ‘Extra’ about the controversy surrounding ‘American Idol’ after alleged an affair with judge Paula Abdul. “The waiting was worse than the actual event,” Simon admitted. “Because there had been so much expectation about this, and we thought, ‘What have they got? Have they been bugging my dressing room?’ And it was nothing.” Cowell said of Clark: “It was just somebody using her to get a lot of publicity for an appalling record, full stop.”

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One thought on “Simon Cowell Says Corey Clark Is A Creep

  1. Gregg DesElms says:

    The information in the original post (on this page, to which this is a comment) is corroborated by the following archival page produced by the Warner Bros Telepix TV database…

    …which contains the original text from the 2005 article, as said text, in said article, originally appeared on the Extra! TV website at the time. Precisely how it now appears on the above-linked-to archival page, however, is different from how it originally appeared on the Extra! website; it is, again, just an archival entry. But it at least fully proves what Simon Cowell told Extra’s Terri Seymour at the time, as provided by an authoritative source (Warner Bros, the distributor of the Extra! TV show).

    I make this posting on this page because I’m considering citing this web page, as a reference, in the Wikipedia article about Paula Abdul to resolve an editor’s request, there, for a citation regarding Cowell’s comment; and I want the credibility trail from this page to the Warner Bros authoritative source page to be present here. Said trail also helps this page by citing where Cowell’s 2005 quote originated.

    To whomever moderates/administers this page: Please do not delete/remove this comment posting.

    “Extra!” is produced by Time Telepictures Productions, and is distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution. Its current web site is:


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