Simon Cowell Talks About Britney Spears’ ‘X Factor’ Performance

‘The X Factor’ judge Simon Cowell says he’s excited to have on this weekend’s show. “The fact that we got her on the show and it’s her first performance in what, two years, is fantastic,” Cowell remarked. “Being Britney, she’s gonna put on a show.” Watch an ITN report featuring Cowell’s comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Simon Cowell Talks About Britney Spears’ ‘X Factor’ Performance

  1. Kerrie says:

    What was Simon Cowell doing inviting Britney Spears on the show. She is hardly a role model for the kids left in the show… What a let down when she did appear..SHE MIMED!!! She had no input with the contestants and couldn’t dance to save her life.. very disappointing Simon

  2. Bradley says:


    Britney Spears believe it or not has battled incredible amounts of strain the last few years which no average human being could possibly think of. She is famous because of her talent otherwise she would of died out in her ‘baby one more time’ days. Shes just had two handsome children, been through a publicly watched divorce and her mental health has been on the blink! But yet she has managed to produce two fantastic albums. Would you be more happy if she danced with a snake again? Come on grow up, things take time! P.S. She did sing parts of the song live, its just that the song itself is highly technical so it wouldn’t sound the same. But don’t hate most artists do the same, 21st century pop music!

  3. bebo says:

    she doesn’t inhale. poser.

  4. Dom says:


    She didn’t sing ANY parts of the song live – she mimed the whole thing. On a show where it is all about performing in front of a live audience, she came on and mimed. If any of the contestants did that, Cowell would have a fit. If she’s not mentally well, she should be relaxing at home, not faking in front of the nation.

  5. cris says:

    some people are just too perfect huh? she was great. The song was technical so I didn’t mind if she mimed it. People just keep putting her down. Loved the performance. Gosh and I hate when people talk “mentally ill or unwell”. She has gone through a lot and is a normal human being. Kerrie your way off hook. stop being a hater.

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