Siobhan Donaghy Slams Former Sugababes Bandmates

Former Sugababes star Siobhan Donaghy has lashed out at former bandmates Keisha Buchanan and Mutya Buena again, The Mirror reports. The solo singer said, “I’m so relieved I’m not in the band any more. It was all hate, hate, hate.” She added, “Nobody got on. It was arguments all the time. They are in it for all the wrong reasons. Just to make a bit of money.”

In-Fighting Question Prompts 2/3 Sugababes Walkout

July 12, 2004 – The Mirror reports that the Sugababes had a blow up, or at least with Heidi Range and Mutya Buena during an interview at Party in the Park. While being interviewed, “someone asked them about all the in-fighting,” a source revealed. “Heidi and Mutya said ‘Fu** this’ and stormed off, leaving Keisha Buchanan alone to continue the interview.” Asked whether they’re going to split up, Keisha said: “No, we’ve too much respect for our fans.”

Tension Between Sugababes Keisha And Mutya

July 7, 2004 – Keisha Buchanan reportedly had a bust-up with her Sugababes bandmate Mutya Buena, who is now siding with the girl group’s “new girl” Heidi Range. “They performed at the Big Gay Out in Finsbury Park at the weekend and it was pretty clear there were tensions,” a source revealed to The Mirror. “Heidi was with her boyfriend Dave Berry, and Mutya was with a female pal – but Keisha was all alone and looked very miserable.”

Sugababes Next Single Confirmed

July 5, 2004 – Sugababes Online reports that Island Records confirmed on June 21st that ‘Caught In A Moment’ will be the fourth single from ‘Three’ after all. It will be released on 16th August 2004 in the UK, with the video being shot in the next few weeks.

Sugababes’ Lax Studio Habits

July 5, 2004 – Keisha Buchanan of the Sugababes spoke with Radio 1 about the trio’s rather lax way of recording their last album. “We just don’t come in if we’ve had a rough night, and that’s what I think the great thing was,” she said. “I wrote quite a few songs on the ‘Three’ album, and that wasn’t because I’m probably their best writer, it was only because sometimes Mutya [Buena] couldn’t be ***ed to come in because she had a hangover, and sometimes Heidi [Range] was ill, and vice versa. That’s what the group’s about – pulling together. If one can’t make it the other two will. Usually we are together but obviously when mishaps happen when you go out the night before or whatever, the show must go on!”

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