Lindsay Lohan & Christina Aguilera Embody “Skank Chic”

Polly Vernon of The Observer writes, “Skank chic started with Hollywood hot properties Lindsay Lohan and Brittany Murphy; with ’s ‘Dirrty’ video; with and rioting punk princess Avril Lavigne – all raw-edged teen queens with a shared tendency to veer fabulously off the rails. These girls are the unapologetically unwashed response to the fresh-faced, perfectly manicured tradition of teen sensations like Hilary Duff and . The skank chic movement gained pace with the desperately sexy Sin City working girls who stole the show in the big screen adaptation of the cult graphic novel.” Read more.

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8 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan & Christina Aguilera Embody “Skank Chic”

  1. SpiceSquirrel says:

    What a stupid article! Are the girls mentioned are as hard edge as candy floss!

  2. hooker says:

    Who cares? These girls are being marketed in the wrong way, for the sake of fame and fortune, trust me. I don’t admire any of those listed girls you’ve mentioned, not even one. I like Dido, Lean Rimes more, because, I have never seen them, not even one of their music videos, taking off their bra in the beach half topless. To some, perhaps, sex sells in music/movies, but, how about a person dignity, please. I think, most of all, dignity matters. You don’t do something, to become famous and rich, for the sake of MONEY, trust me. What’s the use of fame and fortune, if, earned/done indecently? Go ahead people, make indecent money, you too, your time will come someday. And mind you, you have to answer straight forward in God’s eyes, when life is over in this world, I wonder, if, these girls you’ve mentioned, who in my opinion, they’ve low morality, will ever go to HEAVEN, someday. Thank you!

  3. Avril_Always says:

    LOOOL! THIS COMING FROM A HOOKER!’, ‘UR SCREEN NAME IS HOOKER! So how can U talk about dignity and sh*t like that? lol its ppl like u who give us normal ppl a good laugh! HAHAHAHAHA..

  4. popfan_23 says:

    Excuse me, Christina sings for the sake of the art, she loves the craft

  5. popstar says:

    Uhh..Dido was in an Eminem video, sitting on a toilet seat with her pants down’, ‘just thought you should keep that in mind.

  6. FashionPrincess says:

    love it, kate moss rocks, but I still love boho, oh yeah and boho is vintage, vintage is ols, so it can’t be “out of style” because it’s vintage, duh!

  7. ursula says:

    it was for the viewer to relate…they were a close couple, and couples do that…plus, it wasn’t intended to be anything sexual, I mean, shes sitting on a crapper!

  8. Rutabaga says:

    So basically … young, female celebrities are being praised for dressing like street hookers and showing their younger fan base that dressing like a prostitute is “in”? … right on … Figures Avril would be in that crowd …

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