Skater Avril Lavinge Says She Was Looked Down On By Preps

Avril Lavigne took part in an online chat with Top of the Pops, and got quite testy when asked about her skater history. Asked what ‘Sk8er Boi’ was about, Avril explained, “What inspired me to write it is what I went through in high school. About how different people treat each other. There’s that message that you should go with your instincts, follow your heart and you’ll be happy in the end.” As to whether she was treated differently in high school, she says, “I got treated differently by different people. I was a skater and there were preps who looked down on you because you wore baggy clothes. But it was OK. I hated high school.” And does she skate now? “I was a skater in high school.” Does Avril have skating tips for readers? “I said I was a skater in high school, that doesn’t mean I am one now.”

Avril Lavigne Explains Her Popularity

January 16, 2003 – When Avril Lavigne is asked what it is about her music that has caught on with so many people, she doesn’t hesitate. “It’s not like teen pop music,” she tells Mary Dickie of the Toronto Sun. “I mean, I’m young, but it’s not bubblegum pop — it’s different. I write my own stuff, and I’m straightforward and completely myself. People see me as a normal kid, whereas everyone else is such a beauty queen. Most of the popular stuff is kind of contrived.”

Juelz Santana Says Avril Lavinge Turned Him Into A Skater Boy

January 16, 2003 – Adam Bernard of Hip Hop & Soul Online spoke with Juelz Santana who admitted he is feelin Avril Lavigne’s music so much so that he claims, “She turned me into a skater boy for a minute!” Santana also says he’d like to work with Eminem.

Avril Lavigne Sizes Up Other Grammy New Artist Nominees

January 16, 2003 – Avril Lavigne tells that it was kind of funny to be standing right next to some of her competition in the best new artist category when the Grammy Awards nominees were announced last week. “I was with Ashanti and John Mayer,” Lavigne said. “All three of us were together when we found that out, so it was funny. But I thought they were really cool. Ashanti is, like, really nice, and he was really cool, too.”

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    u are my best female rock idol…kep on gud work and more power to u…

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