Skye Sweetnam Valentine’s Day Release Of ‘Sound Soldier’ In Japan

Skye Sweetnam talks about the Valentine's Day release of her new album 'Sound Soldier' in Japan is releasing her sophomore album ‘Sound Soldier’ in Japan on Valentines Day. The Canadian singer songwriter promoted the release with a video posting on her YouTube channel. Sweetnam also brought out the special individual she asked to be her Valentine.

“Skye here, and guess what? I’m so super excited for Valentine’s Day. It’s because my record, ‘Sound Soldier’, is in release in Japan, so all of you Japanese kids over there, waiting for the record, it’s out this Valentine’s Day. It’s like my Valentine’s Day kiss to you. So, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I decided to ask a special someone to be my Valentine, and he’s here with me today. (Pulls out a doll) He’s my favorite Japanese Valentine. So watch out guys, because we’re taking over Japan on my bulldozer.”

Watch the clip below.

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